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    Can an online site creator make web design simpler?


    by michaelaaa6 ·

    We look for feedbacks on our online site builder

    It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox (can run on Mac, Windows and Linux for this reason).

    It allows real-time collaboration in web application development, has advanced features as for instance database creation / management (forms creation, shopping cart, etc,…) and possibility to add easily any php scripts. We target not only beginners to webdesign but webdesigners and developpers as well with this substitute to offline web authoring tools. For now we provide it to web hosting companies which offer it to their hosting customers.

    You can try the demo on

    Thanks for any feedback, positive and negative on Drag drop site creator

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      well it doesn’t look to bad….

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Can an online site creator make web design simpler?

      but when you move something and it swaps windows to confirm…that kills it.
      to much like microshot’s uselessness.
      ( m$ orifice confirming to delete a selection, has to be the most insulting thing you could possibly do to anyone earning a living with thier typing skills. )

      all it took was for it to happen once to kill my interest in it.

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        Jaqui, I am not sure I understand

        by michaelaaa6 ·

        In reply to well it doesn’t look to bad….

        I don’t really understand what you mean in your posting.

        There is no need to swap windows… all you do is to click a block of text or a picture, drag it around as you drag a windows in your operating system, unclick when you have put it in position. If you are happy with the changes made and want to make it final, you simply click on the icon “Fix pos” on the toolbar… that’s pretty straightforward.

        Maybe I just don’t understand your point. Could you explain me more what you mean by “swap windows” to confirm…

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          drag and drop

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Jaqui, I am not sure I understand

          of the stuff works great.
          but as soon as drop it opens a new page with confirmation dialog, completely covering the confirm icon.
          click ok button in dialog, then go back to page where changes were made.
          no button icon from the page accessable after releasing an item from dragging it.

          so the buttons across the top are only pretty images to look at, not functional part of the app.

          I’ll continue using kate/bluefish/screem/kdevelop/kylix/emacs for coding sites.

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          Drag drop what is in the page, not the buttons

          by michaelaaa6 ·

          In reply to drag and drop

          Ok, I admit that I don’t really understand what you tried to do. So here is how you use the software step by step.

          1. Click on an element of your page. Let’s say for instance the title “Worldwide and travel”. If you keep clicking on it, you will see a border appearing around it. If you click, keep clicking it and move the mouse at the same time, you will see the layer moving.

          You can drag and drop any element of your website the same way – including database elements as the shopping cart for instance.

          2. Once you want to save the changes you made, you need to click on the Icon Fix pos. The message you get is related to the fact that you forgot to save your changes and it asks you to save before you move to another page. Once again to save your changes, all you have to do is to click on the Icon “Fix Pos”.

          If you want to modify the background images you can go to the page “design”. To change the menu you can open the “menu”page.

          If you want to go further in complexity, you can choose to go to the advanced interface and manage layers and includes for instance.

          I hope it helps figure out the problem you encounter.

          The icons are not pretty pictures, they are the tools to save changes, add new text, new pictures, links, or scripts and databse reports within your website. All of this generated in real time within the browser where it is meant to be displayed.

          I have a lot of respect for the Linux application you are using (we have Debian on our computers), but Drag drop site creator is not a desktop application, it is entirely web based… which helps you see exactly the result as it is plus have ten or thousands of people able to work on the website at the same time given their own set of skills (if given access to the page builder to make the changes obviously)

          I only hope it helped a bit understand the software. But I find your comment interesting because it shows that the icon “Fix Pos” is maybe not intuitive enough to understand for a new user.

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          that’s exactly what I did….

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Drag drop what is in the page, not the buttons

          but at the point of it’s moved.
          the confirmation dialog popped up, making the button in the app redundant, and pissing me off by loading a confirmation page then going back to the changed page.

          never had the opportunity or need to use the button.

          popup dialogs are bad.
          just remember.
          I do not use windows, or ie, so if it was coded to use m$ tech(sic) it will not work right for me.

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          You can get rid of the message

          by michaelaaa6 ·

          In reply to that’s exactly what I did….

          The message is coming up to help people who don’t know about webdesign.

          Of course you are not in this category. If this is the only thing which impair your use of the software, you can simply delete the autogenerated menu (it is in the menu page) and replace it with one that you can setup manually. Menu with rollover links for instance could be a type of menu you can add from the toolbar.

          Once you have done so, you will not see the message anymore.

          For the software it is running on all the platforms, Mac, Linux and Microsft for the simple reason that it runs in a browser. Firefox being my favorite personnaly. You can use IE otherwise if you wish.

          Hope it helps go a step further in using the software. I would really like to know what you think of the rest of the software, especially the fact that it is PHP and that you can add easily databases and PHP scripts to your website. The packages for Drag drop site creator are on

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      Would you mind testing the install of the Beta version

      by michaelaaa6 ·

      In reply to Can an online site creator make web design simpler?

      Would you mind testing the Beta version of the software we’ve just released for web professionals. It is under

      Thank you very much in advance for any help and feedback!

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