Can another PC access my emails?

By wompai ·
Picture this:
I've got 2 PC's:
One of them is right in front of me and I can access my emails at any time on that PC. The other one is approximately 10 km away from me, on a different address, with a different IP and I can't access it. Still I've got the feeling that the second one can access my emails.

1 How can I check whether the second PC can actually access my mail?

2 How can I make sure that the second PC cannot access my mail any more?

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It never matters which PC is being used

by seanferd In reply to Can another PC access my ...

unless you are talking about locally stored email, in which case you would need access to the machine they were stored on.

As longs as someone has your username and password, they can use your email account. Simple as that. So change them and don't write them on a post-it and stick it under your mousepad.

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Depends on the email and settings

by Slayer_ In reply to Can another PC access my ...

Most defaults for POP3 email says to delete from the server when downloaded, others will keep it on the server until you manually delete it. Most exchange servers just give you a local view of the servers emails and anything you do is actually don on the server, not your local machine (with the exception of archives).

In such a case, anyone could view your email if they have your login and password.

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