can any one help me by giving me?

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I need help on getting an old Motherboard going again, or some suggestions. the Motherboard is this..93v4x. I know this is an old board,but we have a client that is needing this board to run again.

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If you need this M'Board and it's no longer working

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to can any one help me by gi ...

About your only option is to replace it with something similar that you buy off places like E-Bay.

As M'Boards are 4 layer pieces of Fibreglass with components soldered onto one side or through then it's not practical to repair them unless you have the right equipment that can pick & Place Surface Mount Technology and Ultraviolet weld it to the M'Board.

Removing damaged components is even harder and you are restricted to the size that you can work with depending on the Soldering Station that you are using Weller used to have one that could do a 1/2 inch circle for about $45,000.00 + components but this isn't an option for real people who are repairing one or 2 M'Boards a year.

While it's unlikely to be possible you can always contact the maker of this M'Board and ask can they either repair/replace the item but this will take time and be expensive unless they have a stock pile of this model or a similar one that they can not get rid of.

Generally speaking if the M'Board is no longer working that's it for that M'Board and it needs to be replaced as it's much cheaper to do that then attempt to buy the necessary equipment to repair components that may still not solve the problem as the different layers have been separated and the solder joints broken.

Try for a replacement Second Hand M'Board of similar construction would be the best advice possible unless of course it's only the BIOS Battery that needs replacing but anything more it not possible for the average Workshop.


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