can any one help meeeee.........?????????

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Guys.. can any one figure out this problem for me....
1) demonstrate the ability to program a module in the 68HS12 independently and without the assistance of a complete sample program,
2) show that he/she can comprehend and put to practical use technical reference material,
3) implement top down modular programming for a small project,
4) demonstrate the ability to refer to specifications sheets and connect an external sensor,
5) demonstrate troubleshooting skills

The S12 Timer will be used to measure the pulse width of an Ultrasonic Sensor mounted on the Dragonboard in order to determine the distance between an object and the Dragonboard.
The distance will be displayed on the LCD display. The output of the DAC will be monitored by a voltmeter and the data displayed on the LCD display of the Dragonboard.
1. Capture the ultrasonic sensor information using the Timer of the HS12.
2. Convert the information to distance.
3. Display the distance on the LCD screen.
4. Be able to read the Dragon Board schematics, reference manuals, textbook, Ultrasonic sensor data and identify all connections and explain the operation of the Timer.

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This is not a homework server <NT>

by JamesRL In reply to can any one help meeeee.. ...
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and you

by PurpleSkys In reply to can any one help meeeee.. ...

really only need to post it once for it to be've posted this "assignment" here and once in the discussion forum

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Well you know what they say Purple

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to and you

The Good Lord Helps Him who Helps Himself.

But here we don't condone cheating so I would suggest that the OP does their own Homework.

Col 0:-)
see just how NICE I am. :^0

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Well you know what they s ...

yes indeed...i mean really...i could be in here everyday asking for "help", but at least i would word my questions differently so they wouldn't look like they're straight out of a text book...

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Well as they say

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to lol

Cut & Paste is still the easiest way to go.

Besides if you don't understand what the question wants others might by reading the exact wording of it.


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Just say No

by CG IT In reply to can any one help meeeee.. ...

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