Can anybody help diagnosing a kernel panic?

By dhart131 ·
Hp Pavilion a450n has caps lock and scroll lock blinking after kernel panic: Aiee, Killing interrupt handler.
Code: 8b 43 38 85 c0 0f 84 e5 01 00 00 89 c1 2b 0d 30 92 3c c0 c1

call trace: [<c01ad6827&gt [<c01adb21&gt [<c01b03de&gt

Stack: 00000064 00000005 dfe3e000

I can not repair Win XP Pro or wipe HDD without causing kernel panic

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by ---TK--- In reply to Can anybody help diagnosi ...

enabling S.M.A.R.T in the BIOS settings. It should be an option pertaining to the HDD.

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Sounds more like a Hardware Issue here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can anybody help diagnosi ...

I would suggest running a Boot Disc and diagnosing the system so something like the Ultimate Boot CD which is available free here


Would be my starting point. Besides checking the RAM and CPU I would also suggest checking the HDD with it's Makers Testing Utility. Most of those are on the Ultimate Boot CD so you can use that as well for the HDD Test. HP have generally used Seagate HDD so you can use Seatools to Diagnose the Drive.


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I'll try it again.

by dhart131 In reply to Sounds more like a Hardwa ...

I used the Ultimate Boot CD to test RAM, CPU and HDD. It didn't find errors. I swapped out the RAM and video card with same results. It is panicing at a different point/file in each install. Tuesday on my next visit, I going to run the extended HDD test again. I am volunteering at Global Harmony Institue refurbishing computers that we turn around and donate to people and non-profits.

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I have seen things like this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I'll try it again.

When the RAM has timing issues. The individual RAM Modules work perfectly but when they are used together they run into issues like Kernel Panics or the Inability to find Files on a Optical Disc when you are installing the OS.

Only thing I can think of unless you try a Live Linux of some sort and see if it loads.


If one of these can not load you defiantly have a Hardware issue but finding it may not prove to be an easy thing.


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