can anybody help me with my webcam?

By ryexxar ·
i had my neo notebook m54ose reformatted from vista to windows7 with no cd for the usb 2 camera... it can't detect or there's no driver for the camera so its useless.. how can i get or download a driver for this??? can anybody give me a link or site to where i can download a driver? pls,

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You should have...

by TobiF In reply to can anybody help me with ...

Checked for hardware compatibility with Win7 <b>before</b> upgrading.
I'm afraid the producer hasn't made any drivers for Win7 yet:

Try to contact the vendor. They may be on their way, and it's certainly good to let them know that people are waiting eagerly.

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You could still try...

by TobiF In reply to You should have...

If you upgraded to a 32-bit system, then you could give the Vista driver a try, though.

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unknown device

by prrethish In reply to can anybody help me with ...

u can download unknown device identifier

install the program & run it
This will show the model no & manufacture of u r camera
them u can download the correct driver

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