Can anyone assist me in aquiring broadband for my area?

By Snookybear ·
I want to start a rural isp for my area in a low elevationed area in Tennessee. Problem is: No broadband and even a wireless connection is a joke.

I'm on a budget because of a MVA. I would like to try to start a business while I am in college.
I live 10 miles from town that is expanding. Our local county commission asked the public who wanted rural broadband and where. The problem is they put the question in the local paper. My household does not subscribe to the local newspaper. Not many people do in this town. Grrrr

I need assistance for finding ways to convince "Big Media" to establish service in my area. I also welcome ideas for aquiring grant money to start a business I'm not looking for thousands of dollars just enough to get started in my own home.

Any ideas are accepted.

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Good luck.

by seanferd In reply to Can anyone assist me in a ...

Everyone has been paying, as part of their broadband bills, and phone bills long before broadband, a "tax" that the telcos & ISPs are supposed to use to bring service to less populated regions. They haven't bothered doing it yet, so I'm not sure that there is any way to convince these companies to bring service to your town. Oh, and they bring lawsuits against towns and cities which seek to provide the broadband access themselves, because that is like communism or something.

About where in TN are you? We could at lest look to see where the nearest large internet carriers pass by. See, the biggest cost is the initial run of fiber to your area, and if the ISPs don't think the payoff for running the fiber will be very soon, they don't want to bother.

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