Can anyone explain Panasonic product codes / model numbers?

By TRadosevic ·
I know that this is not exactly a question from the IT field, but if TR members don't know the answer, nobody does =)

So, does anyone know if this info is correct, or maybe if any broader explanations can be provided?

Panasonic TX-L##abcX(y)

TX - type of the tv (here it's a LCD tv set)
L - ???
## - screen size in inches
abc - series code (?) (always 3 digits?)
X - region for which the tv is produced (?)(E = Europe, J = Japan, etc.)
(y) - revision code or production plant code (?) (not always written)

Googled it, but didn't find any concise info, and any help is much appreciated!

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Great, thanx! =)

by TRadosevic In reply to I found this on first-tim ...

Looks like geolocation of my Google messed up the results - didn't have this in first 50 results.

Thanx, much appreciated!! =)

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Happy to help.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Great, thanx! =)

You may well be correct regarding the geographic location problem.

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I think I've worked these out!

by Boatus In reply to Can anyone explain Panaso ...

TX-Designates it's a TV
L- Screen type (L=LCD and P= Plasma)
**=screen size (inches)
A**= series code (i.e G10, G15 or V10 etc)
X= Region Code (b=Britain, E= Europe etc

Hope this helps!

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