Can anyone fix my external hard drive iomega 500gb?

By denzio22 ·
accidentally falls in ground when im using it and unplugged into the ac outlet...after when i plug it again in my laptop no response coming on my laptop, i heard a noise coming from the hd that i can explain. i need to repair this hd very badly coz plenty data, picture and application. can anyone there helping me regarding this matter... thank you in advance...

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It is likely that it is physically damaged.

by seanferd In reply to Can anyone fix my externa ...

But it depends on what kind of external drive it is. You may have trashed the drive, or you may have broken or disconnected something in the housing. Noises are always a bad sign.

There is little you can do if the HDD itself is damaged. There are some data recovery houses that might pull your data off, but they tend to be rather expensive.

Contact Iomega or take it to a shop to find out just how broken it is.

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by denzio22 In reply to It is likely that it is p ...

many thanks to all of your response to my querry may be you given me a shop where can i find in new york can fix my iomega 500gb hd. im in new york this coming November 14... thanks

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I'm not sure about NY but you can try looking here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to querry

Many of these Services have a Postal Arraignment where the Drives are Posted/Couriered to them



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RE:- i need to repair this hd very badly coz plenty data

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can anyone fix my externa ...

Firstly if the drive has suffered Physical Damage and by your description it has your only alternative is to Recover The Data off it. You can not Repair it under any circumstances.

When HDD are not being recognized and are making nasty noises and you want the data back your only alternative is to send them to a Data Recovery Specialist of your choice. The more that you mess with the drive now the less likely a Successfully Recovery is going to be and the more expensive it's going to be to get what can be got off the drive.

Don't shop around for the cheapest price here as that often means that the place is only using software to attempt the recovery and are not really Data Recovery Specialists. Basically that just means that with the right software you could do the same job that they are doing and be as successful as they are. Of course with a Damaged HDD Software isn't an option as it's not going to work and if the Heads are making contact with the Platters the Magnetic Material which is where the Data is stored is disappearing all of the time that the drive is running. Along with Mashed Read Write Heads this quite often means that there is no way to recover the data with the Drive intact. You may need to find a place that can remove the platters and read directly off them.

That's not cheap and if you have run the drive till sections of the Magnetic Material have been destroyed that means that those areas it will be impossible to recover any data.


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Possible solution

by meharnim In reply to Can anyone fix my externa ...

Not sure the model of your drive, but getting unplugged while connected and running can cause confused sectors in the drive. Once you get it up and running do a chkdsk and a scandisk.

To get it up and running, here is my suggestion - If you receive absolutely no response from it whatsoever when plugging it in, you may want to (disconnect first!) crack the HDD case open (be gentle) and find a external drive case easily available in the market for that drive, be it SATA, SAS or IDE. Just pop the drive into the case, power on and it should work. Very doubtful that actual internal drive would be damaged.

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The drive was dropped while it was running

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Possible solution

It's very doubtful that the drive is Undamaged. After all the Read Write Heads have all of .5 of a Micron Clarence between the Platters and Heads and no shock absorbing capacity when the drive is actually running.

Sure it may have up to 30 G shock Absorbing capacity as most HDD's these days do but that is when the heads are parked and the drive not running.

All bets are off when the drive is running.

If it had not of been dropped different story.


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