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Can anyone give me some useful scripting resources

By Packet Spoofer ·
I am looking into the concept of using vbscript to help manage my Win2k3/exchange environment and wanted some feedback from people that have resources tools how to's or anything else that could help me....Thanks!

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counter recommendation

by apotheon In reply to Can anyone give me some u ...

Actually, I think I'd recommend looking into ActivePerl for Windows as an alternative. The Perl language is about the best general-purpose system administration tool ever invented. Based on the way you phrased your query, it looks to me as though you aren't necessarily dead-set on using VBScript, and assume that's what you'll use just because you may not have thought of some alternatives.

There's a tremendous resource for people looking for modules and source to reuse for Perl programmers called CPAN, and there's an extremely helpful community surrounding Perl where you can get help learning and using the Perl language. For that, you might start at (where I'm a member).

ActivePerl can be found at

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by Packet Spoofer In reply to counter recommendation

I had not thought of this, which is really why I am posting for feedback....It will take alot of time and effort to get fully up to speed on a language of choice....however, if there is a bent toward a more useful language, now would be the time to consider it.....I will look into this and again,thanks for the information.

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Here's a download with a bunch of good info

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to Can anyone give me some u ...
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I just finished downloading it....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Here's a download with a ...

Thanks alot....!

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ms script centre

by clark_nick2002 In reply to I just finished downloadi ...

Hi Scott,

If you are just beginning to look into scripting in a windows environment i would suggest looking at

This has some nice features and tools to get you started.
Plus - do not miss the archived webcasts, scripting week is a good few hours of pointers.

They don't cover everything but definately a good place to start.

One note on perl (don't burn me for this folks)
perl is fantastic and is portable to many different OS's etc etc. the one good thing about vbscript is that you can integrate with WMI and AD in a windows network without the need for installing x,y,z. There are more perl modules etc etc out there for you to utilize and tailor to your needs but vbscript is being allocated more and more resources by MS with regard to admin etc etc.

Hope that helps


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Thanks for the information Nick....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to ms script centre

I need to look into Perl a little more than I have.....when I have time I far as te scripting center......It looks great....just what i thanks,

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example of logon script

by syoyow In reply to Here's a download with a ...

Hi guys, anyone can give me any example of Logon script, especially for mapping drive.
thx, YOYOw

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Here are some resources I use

by sheep_exploding In reply to Can anyone give me some u ...

This is essentially a online book of VBS, they gear it more towards web stuff, but it is a great site if you are just learning VBS:

Command reference online:

Online NNTP of MSFT scripting groups:

VBS Error codes:

Some older OK Windows scripting stuff:

Some good walk throughs:

I think another poster already mentioned this site but it is worth another mention! MSFT Script Center

And one of the greatest scripting sites on the web

And finally SlipStick has some great Exchange scripting examples:

I taught myself VBS/WSH, WMI, and ADSI this summer and I has helped me in countless situations. Once you get over the hump and understand how to do the basics there is almost no limit to what you can do in a AD/Exchange network.


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