can anyone help me

By b97g6t ·
my laptop that has built in wireless does not connect to the internet =[!! i think it might have been the cause of the way i changed the tcp/ip setting. but now i cant even access the part that i changed, ipconfig says media disconected, is there anyway i can fix this?

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Need more info...

by operator1 In reply to can anyone help me

Hi ,
first press Win key + Pause at the same time.
go to hardware tab -> device menager.See if your adapter is listed inside.If not you need to reinstall it.Wiindows should do this on their own after reboot.If not you try add hardware wizard.
when you are not on the network ipconfig will give you media disconnected.
Thats ok.How you mean you cant access where youve been.If you have changed ip it wont connect and if you changed dns settings you wont browse.
Can you connect but cant browse?
Anyway go to control panel\network connections and right click your wlan connection.choose properties and go either to general or networking tab where you see list of protocols and clients.than you select and double click Internet protocol(TCP/IP) from "This connection uses following items:" list.
Now if you can access this try to set "Obtain IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS servers automatically".
This will work if your network is so configured.Try to contact admin of the network and ask him if you need manual or automatic configuration.
If none works post back and we'll try to think of something else.Note any error messages that windows give you in the proccess.

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can anyone help me

by b97g6t In reply to Need more info...

its listed, i have tried the uninstall and reinstalled but nothing. i cant browse anything that requires the internet. and it is already set to obtain IP and and dns automatically

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