Can anyone help me mount a WD "My Passport" Hard disk on Debian/Linux?

By JasLav77 ·
I recently made the mistake of purchasing a Western Digital "My Passport" Essentials 500GB external hard disk to use with my dual-boot laptop(WIndows 7 and Debian/Linux "Lenny"). I have removed the password protection and VCD from the hard disk but I still cannot mount the hard disk and access it in Linux. I am new to Linux and would appreciate any assistance.

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by Choppit In reply to Can anyone help me mount ...

Plug the drive in;

#dmesg | tail
get the device name (/dev/sdxN)

create a mount point
#mkdir /my/mount/point

mount the drive
#mount /dev/sdxN /my/mount/point

Probably need to do this as root (or using sudo)

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