Can anyone help me work out why my PC is randomly restarting?

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It started about a month ago. There was no cataclysm to it starting, one day it just started. It does it every 20-60 minutes while I play games, but it has only done it a couple of times while not doing much (Runescape is the only game I really notice it on, come to think of it.). I downloaded software to check the temperature of my hardware. Nothing appears to be over heating to me here is what it says I just turned the PC on after a restart, while playing Runescape. How can I found out what the problem is, any idea's? Thanks in advance.

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Sounds as if the unit is either set too low for Temp or it's dirty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can anyone help me work o ...

Computers suck air into them and that air contains dust. With Heavy use the CPU and GPU Temps can go way up and the system to save itself will slow down initially and then turn off/restart.

Your very description says that it's overheating and trying to save itself.

The obvious thing here is that either the CPU Temp is set too low in BIOS or the CPU Heatsink/fan is either no longer working properly because the fan isn't spinning or the Heatsink is full of gunk.

You need to clean out the inside of the case and make sure that any dust that has been sucked in is removed. This includes the Power Supply as well. I use compressed air to **** out systems that have sucked in so much dust that it looks like felt but you need to make sure that the Fans DO NOT SPIN when the compressed air is blowing over them as they will generate power and that will damage the system.. I just hold the fans still either by a finger or in the case of a Power supply a small screwdriver that is stuck in through an opening to stop the fan spinning.

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You may be infected with a Virus or Malware

by Softae In reply to Can anyone help me work o ...

Try downloading an Antivirus from one of the following sites:

And do a full scan for your PC.

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Reset The PC

by chelend51 In reply to Can anyone help me work o ...

If you are facing this type of issue then reset your pc

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Dirty Ventilator

by mosael In reply to Can anyone help me work o ...

if you have the same problem till now you should open your pc ( or take it to some tech ) and check the statu of you ventilator it maybe dirty with the dust , and add some Thermal paste to your processor

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