Can anyone help on Hardware side on Dell Pentium III & Hard Disc installat?

By chandu_shah ·
I need to add a second Hard Drive to my friend's Dell Desktop. Although the new HD has been linked as slave, it does not get recongnised as second drive. The system uses Windows XP Professional with SP2. It has PentiumIII - 548MHz - 640MB RAM.

So, how do I make the second Hard Drive recognised by the system and start the use of the new drive? Any help will be welcome

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by ---TK--- In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

Start button > run command > type: diskmgmt.msc, hit ok >

If everything is working correctly the dive should show up in there. If the drive is there, right click it and try and format it.

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You could...

by jfuller05 In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

click start; control panel; administrative tools; computer management; disk management and then click on the drive that isn't partitioned; then partition the drive suitable to your liking.

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Also, are you sure it is a slave?

by seanferd In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

Jumper in the correct position? Cabled correctly? Is it powered and spinning up?

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Here as this is a IDE Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

You need to set a Jumper to Either Slave or CS Cable Select and connect it to the Middle connector of the IDE Lead.

Only possible problem revolves around the Master Drive some need to be set to Master not CS and some don't support a Slave Drive.

Also what does the BIOS Show here?

If shows in the BIOS did you save the changes as you exited the BIOS?

If it doesn't show in the BIOS just how big is it?

IDE Drives have a Upper Limit set in BIOS so if the Master Drive is 40 GIG and you have fitted a 500 GIG Drive it'd not going to work as the BIOS can not map the drive.

If you need to exceed the BIOS's capacity you need to use a IDE Controller Card that supports the Size of the Drive that you want to use, these plug into a PCI Slot and act as a additional Drive Controller.


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Jumpers BIOS

by TheChas In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

As noted, make sure that the jumpers are set correctly. You may need to change the jumper on the original drive to be Master with Slave Present.

Enter BIOS setup and make sure that under IDE settings that the setting for primary slave is set to auto-detect and not disable. Make sure to save changes.

That said, some drives from different brands will not play well together as Master and Slave. An option would be to connect the new drive with the optical drive rather than the original hard drive.

We can give you a more detailed answer if you post back with the make and model of both hard drives.


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by wff10 In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

Have you set the BIOS for 2 drives?

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What BIOS do you have to set for 2 drives?

by Ron K. In reply to BIOS

I've always just switched jumpers to the correct position and installed the new drives without accessing the BIOS at all.

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Can anyone help on Hardware side on Dell Pentium III & Hard Disc installat?

by chandu_shah In reply to What BIOS do you have to ...

Sorry Guys, I did mention that it was a friend's computer; so it is little difficult get hold of the machine. However, the Desktop is Dells XPS T550 with Phoenix Bios 4.0 - Release 6.

I had a look at the bios settings and under IDE it can have Primary Master & Slave Drives. The Original drive is Quantum Fireball 14.7 GB. I could not see the jumper settings on the master Drive. The Second Drive is Seagate ST340810A (40GB).

When I get a chance again I will try out all your suggestions and will report back.

Thanks for your help.


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A Quantum Drive that's really old now

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

Though in their day they where good drives till Maxtor brought them out.

As you are using a Seagate Drive here just how big is it?

Remember that IDE or PATA Drives do have a upper limit in the BIOS so if it's way bigger than the Quantum there could be problems there with BIOS being unable to correctly see the drive.


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Check the Jumpers, But

by TheChas In reply to Can anyone help on Hardwa ...

Check the jumpers. I hope you do find that the Quantum is set to single master, and changing the jumper to master with slave present will take care of the issues.

However, I still have a nagging concern that your friend has one of those situations where the 2 different brand drives are at odds over which drive should be the master of the pair.

Another thing to check is that the IDE cable is not a cable select type. With a single drive on a cable select cable, it can work if the wrong drive connector is on the drive. With 2 drives, the master connector must be on the master drive and the slave connector must be on the slave drive.

If in doubt, try another IDE cable.


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