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Can anyone help with a Speaker Problem??

By bonowski ·
Hopefully there are some computer speaker techies out there...

I've had these desktop speakers (Boston Acoustics) for about 4 years. They're pretty good, surround sound, huge subwoofer...

Anyway, recently I've gotten a killer reverb on them. As soon as I turn them on, the subwoofer hums. It's pretty annoying.

Two things stop the humming. The first is to cut the power to the speakers (haha) The other is when I unplug the "Control Line In" cord from the Right speaker to the subwoofer. There is power to all the speaker pieces (obviously no sound) but the reverb is gone. it the cord that is bad (I have read this happening with the same scenario) or is it the subwoofer/speakers? It's not the sound card because other speakers with subwoofers are fine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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by jkaras In reply to Can anyone help with a Sp ...

I had a problem with my home theater subwoofer not too long ago. One day I noticed that my sub wasnt hitting yet it was powered? I replugged in the subwoofer cord and got the hum. Still no sound. I called my cousin who's business is hooking up sound equipment and her told me to swap the cord, that's the problem. I did and it's fine now.

Since you have a boxed set if you could replace the cord you would be fine but I doubt you would fine a replacement cord unless under warrantee from Boston. They make a great speaker, I have them in my car and quite pleased. I did see issues on their computer speakers with Sound Blaster cards that are digital. FOr some reason they didnt play nice with another, but that was 4 years ago during my phone tech job for Gateway computers. You always had to power cycle them or uncheck digital in the sound blaster properties.

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Quick check

by mjd420nova In reply to Yes

One thing to check is to be sure that all power cords are of the grounded type and the outlet they are plugged into is grounded. If they are two wire cords, you maybe getting a ground loop, and that could be deadly to you and your
equipment. The most likely would be a failed
input cord to the sub.

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no speaker volume

by fatima_hotfire In reply to Quick check

i cant hear anything from the computer or speaker, no VOLUME the whole computer.

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Try this :-

by OldER Mycroft In reply to no speaker volume

Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Volume Tab.

See if the 'mute' box is checked - uncheck it.

If it's OK, click the 'Advanced' button. See if any of 'Volume, Wave, Synth' are muted - if so uncheck it.

While you're at it, click on 'Advanced' in the Speaker Settings section: make sure your speaker settings are correct for the type you have, then click the 'Performance' tab and ensure both 'Hardware Acceleration & Sample Rate Conversion' are both turned all the way up.

That should do it.

Good luck!

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