Can anyone recommend software for web design?

By jfuller05 ·
The GIS Coordinator, where I work, wants to buy good, easy-to-use, gui based web design software. Since I'm not a programmer (by trade), my knowledge of this is very limited. The only software that came to mind was Dreamweaver. I'm sure there is better software available.

What's the best software to use?

She uses Windows XP SP3 by the way :).

edit: I realize I could use Google to find out, but I want to know real reviews of software used by the Pros'; not a sales pitch review.


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by oldbaritone In reply to Can anyone recommend soft ...

jumps to mind, particularly if you don't mind being locked to IE.

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by zbatia In reply to FrontPage

Frontpage is the worst GUI software ever produced. Just forget this word. There are many other GUI design tools. Just "google" them.
For instance, CoffeeCup's HTML Editor (incorporates the latest CSS3 and HTML 5 standards)

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Web Design

by christianshiflet In reply to Can anyone recommend soft ...

Like above, Frontpage comes to mind. I like it for its simplicity in use and ease of publishing full sites and updates. It also allows you to preview pages as you are working on them in any locally installed browser to help with compatibility.

Though I have designed a number of sites I am not, however, a web designer. If you are looking for an easy way to integrate things like Flash into your site, Dreamweaver or some other Adobe product may be better suited for you. As with any WYSIWYG editor, though, I would caution anybody on how much code you let the software create for you because it can make modifications or updates much harder to do.

I hope that helps (at least a little). Let me know if you have questions.

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She ended up going with Adobe Flash builder 4 Premium...

by jfuller05 In reply to Can anyone recommend soft ...

She installed the trial version, like it, and she said it does what she wants to do.

Personally, I liked the two you all mentioned.


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I know its late, but...

by mafergus In reply to She ended up going with A ...

Dreamweaver is a great tool, frontpage is nice if you are doing edits. a nice cheap tool is coffeecup html editor. If you are building with dotnet, get the free web designer tool that MS has. It has a lot of the functionality of the full VS but it's free.

The biggest question is how in depth your needs are.

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Web Design Software

by eyesea In reply to Can anyone recommend soft ...

I can tell you that if what you are looking for is a WYSIWYG gui based design software, Dreamweaver is probably the best. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative I would recommend Komposer, it's free.
This is assuming your are just doing HTML/CSS sites and not using dynamic code. Dreamweaver can work with these codebases but has limitations. For ASP.Net Visual Studio can't be beat. For PHP/MySQL type stuff you might try Aptana or Netbeans.
Best of luck with your endeavor.

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