Can anyone remove www.registrycleanerxp.com

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This virus/trojan/malicious doodad was sent to my daughters computer by a well meaning friend as her machine had slowed down badly. I used Norton AV to try to sort the problem, it identified 829 faults/trojans/viral intruders and bad registry entries. It quarantined most of these but was unable to delete or quarantine 5 of them. I when to download the latest AV details and when I put in the disk, the computer went into safe mode and started a memory dump with a message Windows has discovered major fault and ahs started a memory dump to protect your computer. It started with a popup you registry has a fatal error goto www.registrycleanxp.com NOW to pay for our recovery tools and this popup message (which repeats itself constantly) will disapear for good. How do I go about reinstating this laptop? Will reloading XP get rid of this popup which no AV seems to do? thanks foe any help or solution in advance frank

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re: laptop is sick...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can anyone remove www.reg ...

Reloading XP doesn't necessarily get rid of the problem. There are ways to remove the hostageware that has taken over without reloading the OS.

Use another computer to read this first to explain what is happening:


Then, go to control panel and add/remove programs to see if you can uninstall it.

If that doesn't work, you might try:
Email Registry Cleaner XP Support - support@registrycleanerxp.com
Contact Support by Phone: +1 (713) 429-1132

DO NOT pay them. Demand they give you instructions on how to remove it. Threaten to report them to BBB and the CyberCrime unit if they do not.

Even if they do help you uninstall it, it would be wise to download, install and run CCLeaner, a tool many of us use to clean up the registry. Run it multiple times, rebooting between runs, as it will find more stuff to remove once one set of crap is gone. Keep running it over and over till it reports that your system is clean.


If that doesn't work, report back here and we'll see if we can lead you through editing the registry by hand to unload this puppy.

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Removal Tools

by willcomp In reply to Can anyone remove www.reg ...

I've seen it before but don't remember exactly which one of these did the trick. I believe it was ComboFix. Anyhow, run in order listed until the culprit is gone. Follow instructions in links.

http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=134965 ComboFix
http://www.atribune.org/content/view/24/2/ VundoFix

After removing registrycleanerXP -- download, update, and run

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