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Can AppleTalk work with VLAN

By Shanghai Sam ·
Here is the problem and I hope some one out there can tell me the answer or make recomendation. I work in a school enviroment and we're in the process of segment our network usring VLAN technology. We plan to create at least two VLAN, one is for adminitrative and one is for educational. We have over a thousand of Mac, this is a mix of new and old Mac. We know that we can't get away from AppleTalk protocol at the moment, but we're phasing it out over next year. Here come the question, In VLAN can a person in one VLAN access a Mac on another VLAN? this is the case where a teacher sit in the administrative VLAN need to have access to educational VLAN also. Is it possible to achive this? and how?

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Can AppleTalk work with VLAN

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Can AppleTalk work with V ...

VLANs can communicate between each other if they go through a router or a Layer-3 capable switch. The standard method is to connect a router interface to a switch in one VLAN and connect another interface on the same router to the other VLAN. Eachrouter interface has to have an address in the appropriate VLAN, and the router interface address is configured as the default gateway on the switch. That way, whenever the switch doesn't know what to do with traffic destined for another VLAN, it sends it to the router. The router then puts the traffic on the interface connected to the other VLAN.

Without knowing what kind of equipment you have, it's hard to be more specific. My experience has all been with cisco. If you have access to their CCO website, you can find information on how to deal with Appletalk on their equipment. Here's a link to a document entitled "Configuring Routing between VLANs with ISL encapsulation."
Hope this helps! Best wishes,
- ck

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Can AppleTalk work with VLAN

by mjiverson In reply to Can AppleTalk work with V ...

There is only one Layer 3 switch that I know of which will route Apple Talk and that is the Anritsu line of switches. If you don't have one of these, your out of luck unless you use a router for your AppleTalk Zones. The other thing you could do is Flatten your appletalk zones. I am not sure how many zones you currently have, but with over a thousand MACs, your talking a whole lot of traffic. It will also depend how what size of the files you are working with. When you flatten an apple talk zone, you will only have one zone to worry about, and all the MAC's whether they are on one VLAN or the other should be able to talk to each other. Layer 3 will PASS AppleTalk zone info, but will not ROUTE it. So, if you only have one zone spreadacross your VLAN's, your layer 3 switch will PASS that info betwn them, as long as it is the same zone.

I hope this helps.

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