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Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard hhds coexist ?

By gamnet ·
Hi all!...Right now i'm attempting to recover some important files from a Fujitsu M1614TAU ATA2 hdd.As usual, i did the standard installation procedure(as far as i know)which are as follows:i made the Fujitsu hdd PRIMARY SLAVE to my other hdd,a Seagate Barracuda ATA66/ATA5 hdd as the PRIMARY MASTER on the IDE1 channel cable.

While on the IDE2 cable,i hooked up my CDROM as SECONDARY MASTER;and CDWR as the SECONDARY SLAVE.

After setting up the CMOS settings,i fired up my pc and after havingdetected both hdds successfully,it took about 1 min. for my pc to search for my CDROM and CDRW.When finally both optical drives were detected,WINDOWS 98se logo showed up.So far so good right?Well what came next is a blue screen with the word 'MICROSOFT SCANDISK' written on it!That's all to it!No other wordings as are expected from the usual SCANDISK's friendly warnings and the yellow scan bar at the bottom of the screen!At this stage,my pc hangs/freezes until i hit ctrl-alt-del and it started to boot up all over again.

I'm wondering whether both ATA2 and ATA5 standards can coexist on my FIC SD11 mobo?i'm using a ATA66/100, 80-conductor 40-pin cable for the IDE1 channel,though.Is this the right cable to use?

In addition, i even tried to do SCANDISK from Windows 98SE boot disk,but that attempt too failed to repair both hdds.Like before,my system hangs like...eternally!So could anyone have the answers to my predicament?Is there anyway that i could recover my data?Thanks a lot!Mikhail.

Windows 98se
AMD Athlon 500mhz
FIC SD11 mobo
320mb pc100 sdram
Seagate Barracuda ST313620A,ATA66,13.6GB 7200rpm hdd
Fujitsu M1614TAU ATA2,1.091GB,4500rpm hdd

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Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard hhds coexist ?

by TheChas In reply to Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard ...

You are supposed to be able to have different generations of IDE drives on the same channel.

You may need to set the DMA and ATA modes for both drives to the slower of the 2.

First, is the Seagate partitioned as a single drive?
Or, does it have 1 or more logical drives?

If the Seagate has 1 or more logical drives, the drive letters WILL be changed as the primary DOS partition of the Fujitsu will now be the drive.

There could also be a problem that Windows is looking for the CD drives to be where they used to be.

Step 1.
Connect the drives back the way they used tobe before you added in the Fujitsu.
If you now boot, enter device manager, and change the assigned drive letter for BOTH CD drives to some higher letter.
(I use "R" for my CD drive, and "W" for my CD-RW drive.)

If the Seagate is partitioned into multiple drives, make sure that NO programs are loaded at startup that are on the logical drives.
(run msconfig from the run box)

Now, you can shut down, and install the Fujitsu.

I have seen hard drives that do not play well together on the same IDE cable. So, you may need to move a CD drive to the Primary IDE channel, and install the Fujitsu on the secondary channel.


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Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard hhds coexist ?

by pctech In reply to Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard ...

As TheChas has pointed out, yes these standards can coexist on the same IDE channel. What I suggest, since you are only interested in retreiving the data from the Fujitsu, is to disconnect the CD and CDRW drives and set the Fujitsu as the only driveon the secondary IDE channel. You can then copy over any files you need to the Seagate drive. Once you have done so, remove the Fujitsu drive and reconnect the CD and CDRW drives. What I suspect is happening is a compatability issue between the drives themselves and not the standards they are using. Some drives will not coexist with some of the different manufacturer drives on the same IDE channel. They work fine on seperate IDE channels, but not on the same IDE channel.

I hope this helps.

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Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard hhds coexist ?

by fred07 In reply to Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard ...

Hi and ALL the above PLUS you need to make sure the Primary HD is on the far end from the MB or black connector and the secondary is in the middle or gray connector with the blue at the MB.
I will add for disk to disk RW it is best to have thecd's on different cabling to lessen the effects of buffer underrun and data loss.

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Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard hhds coexist ?

by GuruOfDos In reply to Can ATA2 & ATA5 standard ...

Ok.....remove all CD's and put the Fujitsu on the secondary IDE and the other drive on as a primary.

The particular Fujitsu you are referring to has a particular dislike for sharing an IDE cable with ANY other device. It must be used as a stand alone drive! I had a batch of these and they were all the same....wouldn't coexist with ANY other make of hard disk....they will share an IDE channel with ANOTHER Fujitsu disk however.

The reason is NOTHING to do with the firmware or the ATA mode....it's actually an electronic timing issue on the IDE interface!

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