can Celeron 2.0 CPU replaced with P4 3.2 ht?

By ayenilmez ·
I have a old desktop emachines e570/770 and it has celeron 2.0 processor. i also have pentium4 HT 3.2ghz processor.

I can see that pentium unit has got bigger fan on top.

can I replace this processor with celeron? Im not sure if I can replace whole unit with fan, but even if not this is not going to be a gaming pc, so celeron's existing fan would be enough (i think)?

please advise.


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Check your MB

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to can Celeron 2.0 CPU repla ...

Check your MB vendor for supported CPU types, it should be listed on the site.
Some CPUs are supported with newer release of BIOS.

Any indeed you will need a better fan and heat sink.

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Depends on the M'Board here

by OH Smeg In reply to can Celeron 2.0 CPU repla ...

Some Models of M'Board only support Celeron's and will not work with a Full Pentium. I learned that the hard way as I tried to save some time hunting down the M'Board maker for my daughters computer.

The other thing to watch out for is that the Celerons had a Front Side Buss Speed of 400 MHZ where as some of the 3.2 P4's had a FSB of 533. If your P4 CPU is one of those the M'Board will need to support a 533 FSB.

Other than that it's a straight swap just power down remove the Mains lead then open the case. Lift off the CPU's Heat Sink and then unlock the CPU by lifting the lever on one side of the socket. These need to be pushed down slightly then away from the socket before you lift up on them. When the CPU Socket is unlocked you can lift out the CPU and replace it with the other one.

Just be very careful to align it properly with the socket as there is only one way that these go into these socket's and if forced will bend the CPU's Legs making them unusable. After you fit the CPU use a Alcohol Wipe to clean the metal Part of the CPU and it's heat Sink, apply some Heat Sink Paste Silicon Grease but Do Not touch this compound with your fingers as the acids in your skin will contaminate it rendering it useless.

Use a clean metal surface to spread/apply the Heat Sink Paste and then lock the Heatsink in place. You should use the P4 Heatsink as these produce much more heat than a Celeron does and require more air to flow over the heat sink to keep it cool. If you can not use the P4 Heat Sink you can buy after market Heat Sink/Fan units that may be a better fit or Zalman has a 80 MM Fan that attach?s to the Back Panel where things like the Video Card and so on plug in and blows air over the heat sink for the CPU. You need to somehow increase air flow over the CPU's Heat Sink to prevent it burning out, or to you multiple restarts when the M'Boards Safety Circuits kick in and restart the computer when the CPU gets too hot.

There are many different types of After Market CPU Coolers. Heat Sinks and maybe you can find one that fits your case better than the Intel One does. Many are taller or wider than the standard one but they all have more surface area to cool the CPU better.


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can Celeron 2.0 CPU replaced with P4 3.2 ht?

by minimallinux In reply to can Celeron 2.0 CPU repla ...

The Pentium would probably run much hotter than the Celeron,so a better fan would possibly be needed.
However before getting to that stage it would be wise to check your motherboard spec (run cpuz or similar) to find out if it would support the Pentium as it may not.The Celeron is likely to have a FSB of 400/533 max whereas the Pentium is going to be at least 533 maybe 800,so you need to check support for this.

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