Can Comcast broadband and internal fax modem work together?

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I recently had Comcast broadband hooked up for the internet (also phone and cable). I also have an internal 56K fax modem on my desktop. The problem is that when trying to send a fax via my desktop internal modem, it says "no dialtone" which, I suspect is because everything's going in/out of Comcast's SBV5220 modem. Comcast wasn't a bit of help -- but I know there must be a way around this. Can anyone give some assistance?

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Well, Comcast is "cable", fax modem uses POTS phone line

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Can Comcast broadband and ...

You need to connect your fax modem to an RJ11 telephone jack to use it. You are confusing a cable modem, which is a digital device used to connect you to the internet, with an analog fax modem, which uses the plain old telephone system to send your faxes. Hook up your faxmodem to a telephone like and your problem is solved.

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internet faxing

by Dr Dij In reply to Well, Comcast is "cable", ...

numerous sites have internet based faxing. it is cheaper than having your fax modem dial it.

you setup an account (some let you try for free for a while)

then you simply upload a word doc or other format to fax
and type in phone#

you can also get incoming fax service
my gal used this service while faxing resumes

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disconnect DSL first

by saved2serve In reply to Well, Comcast is "cable", ...

If it is like mine, think you will have to turn off your dsl modem to your the pc you want to send the fax from, and then fax using the fax modem and software. And by the way, if you want to fax Vista Home Edition does not have it, even as an option.

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