Can convert dynamic to Basic without loosing data

By shirsat_sameer ·
Hi, Friends

I am sameer and I am working as a system Admin in private firm. My problem is that I have 300gb HD as a dynamic disk connected to win2000 server.Recently I had connect the same HD to different win2k machine were I was able to find the HD in disk Management but in foreign mode, so I tried to Import it to foreign it throws me the error Internal error:Disk group has no valid configuration copies.So i reconnect the same HD to old machine even there I got the same error .HD can be seen in Disk management with red color circle and white color horizontal line on it.Unable to bring it online. HD has 250 gb data on it which i dont want to lose it. Is there any utility through which we can repair the corrupted dynamic files.

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may be an option....

by trollinson In reply to Can convert dynamic to Ba ...

It a long way around but has worked for me.. Install acronis backup software onto a machine and create a bootable disk, place the ext hard drive on the computer has the drive needing to be sorted. Boot off the acronis bootable and backup the 300gb dynamic disk to an ext drive of same size. Once the backup has finished take both the ext and 300 gb drive to the computer that you installed acronis on to and there is a feature to browse the img on the ext drive which you can mount. Format the drive that had the dynamic partition and put it into a basic format, you can then copy the data from the mounted image onto the now formatted drive.

This is only a suggestion but I can say that this has worked for me.

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That did not work for me

by JohnBCS In reply to may be an option....

I bought a copy of Acronis, installed it on a laptop, created a boot disk, booted off the disk on the pc with the dynamic disks... and got an error message "Acronis is not compatible with Dynamic disks" and it shut down. Be very careful about Acronis.

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There is a much better way to convert dynamic disk to basic

by JohnBCS In reply to may be an option....

Use dskprobe.exe as instructed here:

It worked for me perfectly - it saved me from a complete reinstall.

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no connection

by computab In reply to There is a much better wa ...

This link goes to Wordpress, you need a password to get in, the message says:
Error establishing a database connection

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convert dynamic disk to basic disk and without losing data

by enemyever In reply to may be an option....

Three ways to convert dynamic disk to basic disk in windows operating system. Use Disk Management built-in windows is the basic way we usually think of. Actually, <a href="">convert dynamic disk to basic disk</a> through Dynamic Disk Converter is more convenient to finish this work through Disk Management. And will not lose any data.

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You do all this work, for how much?

by santeewelding In reply to convert dynamic disk to b ...

And, from Housten?

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I don't think you can

by unhappyuser In reply to Can convert dynamic to Ba ...

From what I remember in my MCSE class, once it's dynamic you can't go back. You should be able to , however, repair it in Disk Manager so you can access the data. A format will have to be done to return it to Basic.

Good luck!


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convert dynami c disk to basic

by michaellj In reply to Can convert dynamic to Ba ...

I think you could refer to this article: Three ways to convert dyanmic disk to basci. Resource from:

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