Can Copy / Pasting a file destroy the source file?

By Toast-it ·
one of our employees left the company so i had to move her administrative data to another employees computer. We keep a folder on c: called "Access" which contains database files. i copied this folder onto a usb hard drive (which i think may be bad), went to the other employees computer and pasted the folder on to it. after getting everything moved i ask her to test out the database and we find out that 2 database files are missing. i checked the folder size of the access folder on the original computer and it matches the one i pasted on the usb drive. if that drive is bad is it possible for it to corrupt the source folder that i originally copied from the first computer?

doesnt make sense because she was using these databases on that original computers before i came over there to copy and past it, and now there all of a sudden gone. could my copy / pasting destroy the original content?

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Not normally.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can Copy / Pasting a file ...

If you indeed used COPY and not CUT, the original should be in place, untouched. Copy should not do anything to the originals. However, CUT sure will.

Since you didn't take inventory of the folder prior to the copy process and didn't look at the folder size first and don't know for sure if these files were indeed even 'there' on the original computer before you performed the copy, I would suspect their presence in the first place. Perhaps the employee who left had deleted them before leaving. Did you look in the Recycle Bin?

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well, earlier in the day....

by Toast-it In reply to Not normally.........

the new employee was using the old employees computer. she says she was using these databases and they were there before. makes no sense. yeah, i always do a copy and paste for this very reason but i dont know what to tell her... i came over to her office, logged into the old computer, copied the folder to the usb drive and moved it to hers. the (folder size/number of files) in that access folder on the usb matches with the source.

i have a suspicion that she tried to move the database herself instead of waiting for me to do it but i cant prove it. doing a file recovery scan of the old comp and my usb drive.

this usb is possibly bad though, gave me a lost data error the other day.

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You say you logged in....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to well, earlier in the day. ...

When you arrived and logged into the old computer, did you use another account to log in with and was there another user still logged in where the new employee was at earlier in the day when she had these databases open? Did she leave the files open so they wouldn't copy because they're in use? Have you had her log in with her credentials to see if the files are still somewhere?

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Problem Solved

by Toast-it In reply to Can Copy / Pasting a file ...

...she finally fessed up to it. before i came over there to move the folder she burned the database files to a CD...which happens to be the ones missing. somehow she deleted them in the process.

thank thumb

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