Can DX10 Be Overwritten by DX9x?

By BorgInva ·
Vista Business has DirectX 10. If some games and programs require DX9x (9c mainly), can DX10 be overwritten? People say it can not be, but since DX10 is not downloadable, that I can find, not a chance to just take without asking some other professionals.



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Under normal use your answer is NO.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can DX10 Be Overwritten b ...

Anyway this isn't an Issue as you can load Direct X 10 onto XP Systems so this isn't an Issue.


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XP Gets DX10?

by BorgInva In reply to Under normal use your ans ...

Really? Last I checked, DX10 was only for Vista and came preloaded. Well well well, I better check this out in the morning.
Would it be the same distribution, for Vista, as the one for XP? See, I did not know this could be done now on XP, so I did not see the need to state this was for Vista, which is the OS I am concerned for.
Thanks for the info. Will keep you posted.

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As there is only 1 DX10 installation File

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP Gets DX10?

You use the Vista one and this can be loaded onto a XP System though M$ do not support this option.

Depending on your Hardware it may take a bit of mucking around as well but it's fairly straight forward.


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Unneccessary - DX10 is backwards compatible ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can DX10 Be Overwritten b ...

So any games that specify DX9c are already catered for within DX10. :)

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I tried...

by BorgInva In reply to Unneccessary - DX10 is b ...

I tried it with some games that still wanted DX9c installed, by their own setup, and refused to work (and crash) without it. Probably a problem on the side of the game's setup.

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It's more likely that the Games in Question where never written with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I tried...

Vista Support in mind.

Perhaps there is a Patch or Fix from the Games Makers to run the problem items on Vista. If they are new or at least Current Generation Games there should be.


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I can tell you from experience

by JamesRL In reply to Can DX10 Be Overwritten b ...

That my old DX9 games play fine under Vista.

Well fine if you mean, run without any issues.

They are noticeably slower than on the same hardware with DX9/Win XP.


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My Problem...

by BorgInva In reply to I can tell you from exper ...

My problem is that some games/programs not ask if they can install DX9x, but will fail install if canceled from that part of setup. I do not mean I can cancel and still use the program. I mean it will refuse to continue the installation if I cancel form doing DX9. So, my fear is, if I say "yes" to install DX9, am I going to loose 10?

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Should not

by cmiller5400 In reply to My Problem...

But, I would image the system just in case. Most of the MS updates will detect the newer version and just quit the install.

Good luck!

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Clicking "Yes" allows the system to detect a 'newer' DX version...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My Problem...

It should then abort the DX9x installation.

Whatever it does, it cannot overwrite a file that it doesn't have in its installer. :)

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