Can HP teaming double the throughput of a server

By samjeetmathew ·
I have a hp server with 2 one gbps NICS , but my switch is only 1 gbps.

If I configure teaming in load balancing Mode / in fault tolerence mode , will it double the throughput to 2 GBPS ?

If change the switch to high capasity , can teaming double the servres netwotk througput ?

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by pnoykalbo In reply to Can HP teaming double the ...

I'm using nic bonding on my Linux servers with redundancy which I connect nic A to my my core switch A and the other nic B connected to my core switch B.

There are different modes on NIC teaming: I'm using mode 6 - adaptive load balancing. The other thing is round robin, mode 0, this also works which transmits packets in sequential order from the first available slave through the last. Both modes provides load balancing and fault tolerance. You can also put more than two NICs on your server. This will ease up the server's load especially high productive ones such as customer emails servers, imap, web servers, etc..

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