Can I add a 2003 Exchange server to an existing SBS 2000 domain?

By dhegner ·
I'm in the process of upgrading an existing SBS 2000 environment to 2003 Server. It would be very useful to do this over a period of time rather than jumping off all at once. For the first step I would like to leave the current SBS 2000 server in place as the DC and DHCP host and simply add a 2003 Exchange server. If it is possible to migrate the SBS 2000 Exchange data great, if not I will export to .pst files and manually move the mailboxes ... we don't have many users. I apologize for my ignorance on SBS. I haven't worked with it much in the past and I can find little or no information about migrating it to 2003 Server. Any advice or information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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by CG IT In reply to Can I add a 2003 Exchange ...

not a good way to go at all. SBS comes with Exchange and Exchange is installed as part of SBS [unless they specifically excluded it during the O/S installation]. to add an additional Exchange server is just making a big mess you don't want to have.

there are a couple of different ways to migrate. This place has whats called swing migration kit. It's well worth using for those unfamiliar with SBS or using Exmerge or ADMT.

here's a link:

I've done the exmerg and ADMT method which is to have both systems running and merge the data. If you choose to go this route, have users store all their Outlook stuff in PST folders then back those up somewhere. It's a lot easier to import the data from PST files.

Migration shouldn't take more than a couple of hours once you have the new SBS box running. Note: do not have the same NetBios name for the new SBS 2003 box. The ADMT and Exmerge will not work. Then you'll have to do a clean install on the W2003 box to change it.

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Yes. It is possible

by clintdewitt In reply to Can I add a 2003 Exchange ...

Best method or not

It is possible to have addiontal exchange servers running in an sbs2000 environment.

It just can't be an active directory domain controller, and of course you must purchase seperate licenses for server, exchange and cal's. If youre using sbs 2003 m$ has made things easy with the transition pack - but were talking about sbs2k.

Exchange migration is super easy runs with no problems.

After setting up services like dns, and dhcp on another serve, moving files shares, printers, and removing exchange server we can move forward with the ad migration.

I would like to start a dicussion about this type of migration as I think it's critical in todays environment that we be able to easily migrate from sbs2k to seperate servers using standard migration methods.

We put too much work in to these setups just to start over and hope we don't miss anything.

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SBS 2000 Migration to 2003 Standard AD

by phredweb In reply to Yes. It is possible

I am in the process of attempting to do this right now. I had thought that I would first upgrade the AD and get 2003 DCs in place, but I am getting mixed information as to whether or not SBS 2000 will allow the schema updates to 2003 standard AD. Certainly it has not worked "out of the box" using the adprep from the 2003 server CDs, but I'm hoping someone out there has some detailed info on completing this step. It would be great if we could document these steps as I work through this for all as this is a specific path that seems to be very lacking in good on-line answers ;-)

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