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Can I add SBS2003 to Win2K Server domain

By NateH ·
HI all

I have an existing W2K Server domain. No Exchange, nothing else.

I would like to add another server as a backup (this is a financial accounting firm and would be in big trouble during tax season if their system died). I also want to install Exchange for them since they are simply using pop emails.

I thought the best deal would be to get SBS2003 which includes everything for a very reasonable price. So the question is whether it is possible to add a SBS to a regular Server configuration.



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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Can I add SBS2003 to Win2 ...

You can have it as a Member server but NOT as a DC (you can only have one DC using SBS) otherwise I suggest going for standard version of Windows Server.

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DC NOT member server

by BobLaubleau In reply to

You've got it backwards: You can have it as a DC, not as a member server.

Also you are NOT limited to one DC. You can have multiple DCs, but only one SBS server.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Can I add SBS2003 to Win2 ...

Still beware that 75 CAL maximum issue. I've seen that one creep up and bite numerous clients in the nether regions.

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by CG IT In reply to Can I add SBS2003 to Win2 ...

To answer is a yes and no answer. The existing W2K server holds the Master roles for the domain and the primary Zone for the DNS name space. SBS will want to have the schema master, global catalog server roles and be the primary zone as its designed as an "All on one box" small business solution. So theres a conflict between your exiting w2k domain and SBS as there can be only 1 schema master in the forest for the domain.

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by CG IT In reply to

note: you can have more than 1 DC on a SBS network for redundancy. AD intergrate zones between the DCs and you can add a global catalog onto the other server for users to log on.What you cant do is establish trust relationships between domains with SBS. so if you have a forest with domain trees, SBS will not establish the transitive 2 way trust between domains in the tree or in the forest, nor can you establish a one way trust between the SBS domain and another domain.

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by CG IT In reply to

So the no answer is, you cant have 2 schema masters in the domain which if you try to install SBS onto a server, it will automatically set itself up as the schema master for the domain.

The yes answer is, you can depromo demote the w2k server to a member server once the SBS server is setup, then dcpromo promote as a DC in active directory intergrated and have it as redundancy and put a global catalog server on it so if the main box goes down users can still log on and access resources[this requires some planning of shared resources to NOT be on the SBS box but a member server like a file server blah blah].

Again, as BFilm says you have to factor in consideration the limitation of the # users/computers [depending upon licencing mode]AND the fact that SBS can not establish a trust relationship with another domain when determining if SBS solution is right for your business.

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by john.waugh In reply to Can I add SBS2003 to Win2 ...

yes you can
you are allowed to have one SBS server per Windows 200x Domain
note you must first prepare Active Directory for Windows 2003 by running
Adprep /forestprep then adprep /domainprep from the i386 folder on disk1
this prepares the schema for windows 2003
you will also have to buy sbs Client access licenses and have a maximum user limit of 75
and as stated previously you can not create trusts from the SBS server

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by razz2 In reply to Can I add SBS2003 to Win2 ...

Everybody is mostly correct but this is from
and really says it all. Note requirement of being the root and
non-SBS domain joining. Also, lack of TS.

"SBS 2003 vs. Windows 2003
For several reasons, you might be better off with the regular
version of Windows 2003 than with SBS 2003. SBS 2003 isn't
intended for a complex network architecture. An SBS server can't
join a non-SBS domain, and an SBS domain must be a root-level
domain. An SBS domain can be in a trusted relationship with
another root-level domain, but it's not truly designed for this

SBS 2003 is similar to Windows 2003 but not entirely. Because
SBS 2003 is intended for smaller networks, and because the SBS
server is meant to be the DC, SBS 2003 doesn't have some
functionality (e.g., Terminal Services) that's useful in larger
networks. (However, you can use Remote Desktop?which is
enabled by default?to remotely administer an SBS 2003 server
from another computer. You can also make an SBS 2003 DC a
Terminal Services license server.)

A final caution about SBS 2003: It's not quite as simple as it
seems. Setup should cause no difficulties for experienced NT
administrators, but a novice would do better to buy a
preinstalled SBS 2003 server. The danger of a reduced-
administration server OS is that administrators can mistake it for
a zero-administration OS. The fact that SBS 2003 is designed to
automatically follow some Microsoft best practices doesn't mean
that it automatically follows all of them. Even if you walk
through all the configuration wizards, you'll still need to install
security patches and service packs and follow safe-computing
guidelines. The audience for which SBS 2003 is designed?the
shop looking for an extremely low-maintenance server?might
balk at SBS 2003's required maintenance."

Also, be aware that SBS and Standard Server family licenses are
different so you will need Server 200x and SBS licenses. The S

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by razz2 In reply to

I thought I would list the limitations of SBS acording to a MS
Powerpoint presentation:

Terminal Services - only with additional Server
Only one SBS in the Domain
Must be the root of the AD forest
No Domain Trusts
Cannot have child domains
Each additional server require a CAL
Up to 75 CALS (Users/Devices)
No Modem Sharing
All software on same server
Cannot be a child domain


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by razz2 In reply to

Oh Yeah, If you have a SBS domain you can add a 2000 box to
the domain, but I do not believe that you can add the SBS to the
2000 as an AD DC.

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