Can i boot up a laptop from an external keyboard

By kem262 ·
The logitech keyboard allows me to program function keys, and already has certain keys for sleep/wake-up. I treat my laptop as a box that is normally unaccessible, and would rather not have to open the lid to press buttons etc.
Is there a ctrl-seq for startup? Can i set something in the BIOS?
Laptop - Lenovo T510
Keyboard - Logitech wireless kbd&mouse on USB
OS - Windows 7 Pro

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none that I know of...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Can i boot up a laptop fr ...
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Not usually, but

by oldbaritone In reply to Can i boot up a laptop fr ...

if it's a routine thing, you might set an auto-on time in BIOS.

I have auto-on set for M-F at 7:30AM, and my system is ready for me to log on when I get in at 8:00.

Don't know if your laptop supports it. Also check BIOS settings for "Wake on Keyboard" - some may have it.

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by kem262 In reply to Not usually, but

Thanks guys ! I knew i would get some constructive acvice.
The Power Manager does allow the keyboard to wake the machine - but only from sleep!
The best idea(so far!) is the BIOS change to bring up the machine every morning - very simple and very effective.

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logitech drivers

by bsm80 In reply to Can i boot up a laptop fr ...

Are the right drivers installed because there should be a tab in your keyboard properties:

control panel->hardware->keyboard->hardware tab->properties button->

Is there a power management tab? You would have to check Allow this device to wake the computer.

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Try these kinds of things

by NexS In reply to Can i boot up a laptop fr ...

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