Can I bridge 2x DG834GT routers on the same network ??

By paulm ·

I've recently moved into a friends house that has a sky netgear DG834GT router on sky broadband.

I run an ethernet to my room and currently have into my pc and bridged internally with the bridge running to another pc.

Is it possible to bridge the connection through my spare DG834GT so I can use the remaining ports enabling me to bridge without having to power up the first pc everytime ??


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what is the purpose of routers?

by CG IT In reply to Can I bridge 2x DG834GT r ...

then what is the purpose of switches?

personally I'd buy the $25.00 5 port switch rather than a $60 - $80 router.

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Yes it is just plug the CAT5 cable

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I bridge 2x DG834GT r ...

Into the Uplink Port if it has one or a RJ45 Port of the DG834GT and then the other computers into the Ethernet ports.

For the full destructions read the Manual that came with the DG834GT it should be a PDF File on the CD that came with it. Or download it from here.


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Dizzy 5 minutes

by paulm In reply to Yes it is just plug the C ...

Thanks guys. What I didn't want to do was spend more money when I could utilise what I already had.

As it is, I had an old netgear switch in the office which is perfect apart from the constant noisy fans. So I disconnected them.

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