Can I buy an XP Pro license?

By longtex ·
I have a pile of XP Pro CD's (or maybe they're DVDs - I haven't looked that close) and I'd like to install one on a box with XP Home... I don't want to buy new media, I just want a license key. Is that available anywhere?

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I believe so

by Tig2 In reply to Can I buy an XP Pro licen ...

I think that you can purchase a license only through Microsoft.

You may also find license only through the web. Google it.

Personally, I would try MS first as they can best advise you on the legalities.

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That's what I thought, but...

by longtex In reply to I believe so

That's what I thought, but...

... as far as I've found so far, there's basically no $ difference between a package with and without media, although there are some outfits offering to sell "license only" for the same price mas o menos a couple of dollars, but still want to charge shipping to mail the license key and refuse to email it. I wondered if anyone had actually managed to buy licenses for a decent price and get the keys... ****, if we're gonna pay for shipping, might as well get the disk, no?

And I haven't found anyone at M$ that has any idea what to do or who else at M$ to call. I thought maybe someone knows, as there's not much point in spending a lot of time trying to save a couple of bucks, is there?

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

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You can't get just the Key.

by alan In reply to That's what I thought, bu ...

The issue arises because MS wants you to have a C.O.A. attached to the machine. The sticker needs to be mailed to you so that is where the shipping charge comes in.

I buy my OEM licences from New Egg in bulk and it works out well for us.

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by longtex In reply to You can't get just the Ke ...

I have no quarrel with the "Certificate of Authenticity", but it's kind of a pisser not to be able to get the key and have something working while waiting for the delivery service to grind its way to one's doorstep. In this particular case, six days for "overnight" delivery, thanks to UPS's incompetenc

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