Can I buy and play Microsoft Store games using a local account?

By taimurzunel537 ·
Tags: Windows
I don't want to use a Microsoft account to log into my PC - the simple reason is because I want anything online to have a complex password and it would therefore be inconvenient to use this password to quickly log onto my computer - I therefore use a local account for this purpose.

But - I've seen a game I want in the Microsoft store for sale (I usually use Steam) - but will I need to be using a Microsoft account to log into Windows to play it?
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Microsoft Store Requires Microsoft Account

by riserboofficial In reply to Can I buy and play Micros ...

Yes, a Microsoft account will be necessary to buy, download, or play games from the Microsoft store. Have you considered setting a PIN for your Microsoft account so that you don't have to use your complex password to sign in?

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