Can I connect a netbook and laptop with an Ethernet cable?

By neeboy74 ·
Hello to all:

I recently bought an Acer laptop. It was a killer deal...BUT the darn wireless card refuses to keep a signal more than five feet from my wireless router.

I posted here about this earlier, but everything that has been recommended here has not worked.

Now I'm wondering this: Could I get a netbook and link the two machines together with an Ethernet cable? I'd like to use the Netbook as a second screen using a program called MaxiVista, but that requires both machines to have network access....

Bottom line: can I get my laptop to gain wireless access by hard-wiring it to a Netbook?

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With a crossover cable

by DMambo In reply to Can I connect a netbook a ...

A crossover ethernet cable should do the trick.

You'll need to ensure that they are on the same IP subnet.

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I would think so...

by jfuller05 In reply to Can I connect a netbook a ...

Plug a router into your cable/dsl modem and then hook the laptop and netbook to the router with ethernet cables; you should now be able to accomplish what you want to do.

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Depends on what you want to do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I connect a netbook a ...

If you mean Directly connect 2 systems together then No you need a Crossover Cable not a Ethernet Cable. Or you can use a Ethernet Cable with a Crossover Adapter at one end.

But if you just want to add another system to an existing LAN a Ethernet Cable to a Hub/Switch/Router will work a treat.

The wiring of a standard CAT5 Cable will not allow 2 computers to be directly connected together and work.


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Reponse To Answer

by nascarazygirl In reply to Depends on what you want ...

Ok, I understand ethernet cable but not crossover adapter end nor hub/switch/router. I under stand the consept but last time I used a switch connector was 10yrs and conncting ends were before usb periferals were the norm..

So with that in mind, would it just be better to try and plug into TV or monitor?

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