Can I connect a new monitor to my dell inspiron laptop

By sandman_sam789 ·
hi all, heres the deal. the screen on my dell inspiron laptop has broken (cant remember the model, its like 1.4ghz celeron 512mb ram, basically crap) and i'm considering buying a new desktop in a few months, for now I only have the money for a new screen, if I buy a new plasma monitor or w.e will I be able to just connect it to the laptop and use it instead of the laptop screen? because then when the time comes to get a new pc I need'nt have wasted the money repairing my old laptop I could just use the one I would buy. help please

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External monitors

by Alpha-Male In reply to Can I connect a new monit ...

Most laptops have an external VGA port that you can use to connect up an external monitor - so that should work for you in the short term. Sometimes there's a function key you'll need to hit to "wake up" the external VGA interface - but usually it autodetects and works if it's connected up and the monitor powered on when you boot the laptop.

Just make sure the monitor you are connecting up has a VGA interface - I don't know of any laptops with external DVI video....certainly not older ones.

Good luck.

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external monitors

by sandman_sam789 In reply to External monitors

whats a VGA port? I should've mentioned that im not good with computers , the laptop has a slot round the back for the connector with the screws in, but is there something else that needs to plug in? I'm so confuseddd

do I need to buy a specific monitor?

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Reponse To Answer

by free4all24 In reply to External monitors

Is it possible to use a Dell external monitor with my IBM T410 ThinkPad?

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The VGA port

by ctrservices In reply to Can I connect a new monit ...

is the fitting coming out of the back of the PC into which you can plug an external monitor.

In order to send the signal to this external monitor (since you can't see the laptop monitor) you use the function keys Fn+F8 (I think this is the combination for your laptop--if not, see your users' manual) to toggle between video modes. Hold down the Fn key and tap the F8 key while holding down the Fn key. Wait several seconds before tapping the F8 key again if no video appears on the external monitor.

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re: VGA port

by sandman_sam789 In reply to The VGA port

ok thanks ill try that and get back to y'all :)

ty ty ty

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Connecting Laptop to external monitor

by laurenk23 In reply to The VGA port

I just got a dell vostro Windows vostro and the fn plus f8 did not work for me. I right clicked on the desktop and NVIDIA control panel was listed as an option. I clicked it and it allowed me to change my display.


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Did you click on

by ComputerCookie In reply to Connecting Laptop to exte ...

"Set up multiple displays"?

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Here's the keys to press

by futuregu In reply to Can I connect a new monit ...

Hold down FN key + F8 till you see your windows screen on the exyernal monitor

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VGA Cable for Dell Inspiron 1526

by ccb711 In reply to Can I connect a new monit ...

Inspiron 1526 has USB, VGA and HDMI connections. The cable that came with my HP2311X has 15 pins male connector with screw type connector. My Inspiron does not have the screw type connector. Is there a VGA cable available w/o the screw type connector. Or, I could use an HDMI cable (which I would need to purchase and would need advice on what to buy). What is the best option? The screw type connector is working, but it can easily fall out of the laptop.


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Reponse To Answer

try posting as a new question instead of replying to a 4 year old one.

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