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Can I connect a stand alone PC w/cable inet connection to a Win2003 ntwk?

By adele ·
I support a small organization that has a single Windows 2003 server on a larger organization's windows network which is part of a large citywide local government wide area network. "They" handle all the networking access control and communication and are very restrictive in their policies. The organization had the need for a totally independent internet connection that was totally unencumbered by their restrictions so we set up a single stand alone PC with a cable internet connection direct from modem to PC and we were golden. HOWEVER, now several months later, they want that PC to be able to access files on the server. What would be the best way to set this up so that on occassion a user on that PC could login to the network?

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by jfuller05 In reply to Can I connect a stand alo ...

I would use Active Directory on the server to add this PC as a node in the network. Using Group Policy in Active Directory, you can assign this PC simple Read-only permissions to the files you want it to access on the server. Let me know if you need me to elaborate or if this helps.

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Step 1.

by Kenone In reply to Can I connect a stand alo ...

Find out what the repercussions of such a security violation might be.

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Ron Weasley's response

by CG IT In reply to Step 1.

"are you mental"

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Thanks but can't make it a node and use GP to restrict permissions

by adele In reply to Step 1.

Thanks for the responses but the WAN admits will not allow me to do that. I need to accomplish this task if possible without creating any network security issues. The user that will be logging in already has user rights in AD and routinely logs in from another machine but this machine is not currently joined to the domain.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

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by timwalsh In reply to Can I connect a stand alo ...

Let me see if I have all this straight:

1. Because security restrictions put in place by city network administrators would not allow you the level of Internet access you felt you needed, you decided to give a stand-alone computer an Internet connection outside the control of said network administrators.

2. You want us (who have no idea what security restrictions were put in place by said network administrators, or the reasons for them) to tell you how to connect said computer (that has an Internet connection that doesn't meet said security restrictions) to the protected network, thereby bypassing said security restrictions.

3. You want to do all this without causing any network security issues.

Your best bet is to come up with a clear, well-though out explanation as to: why you needed a level of Internet access that apparently is in contravention of city IT policies, why you acquired an Internet connection that is outside the city IT department's control, and why you need to have a computer using that unrestricted Internet connection connected to the city network. Then you need to have your boss take this up with the city's IT Manager, in the hope of either getting an exception to policy, or gettint the IT department to come up with an approved method of Internet access that meets your requirements.

If you want a solution that meets your requiremenets, and keeps the network admins happy, the solution needs to come from them. If you attempt to do it any other way, at the least, you risk having your entire organization banned from connecting with the city WAN. At the most you could face criminal prosecution, because attempts to bypass security will be considered hacking. And hacking a government network, even at the city level, is a BIG NO-NO these days.

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Well said, timwalsh

by oldbaritone In reply to Catch-22


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