Can I control access to an users Exchange calendar from the server?

By welshsteve76 ·
We have numerous users here with MS Exchange 2003 mailboxes with a calendar etc. The problem I have is that I wish users to have rights to view and possibly edit/add items in each others calendars.

The only way I have seen how to do this is for each user in question to go into their own calendar permissions and add the users who need access to the list of users, and give them the necessary rights (Author, Editor etc).

Is there a way I can control all of this from the server? It would be much quicker and easier to manage if I could. All I can find in Active Directory is the "Mailbox Rights" option under "Exchange Advanced" in the user properties.

Am I making sense?


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by shasca In reply to Can I control access to a ...

What are you trying to accomplish that say a shared system Calendar wouldn't serve the purpose?

Willy Nilly access to everyones calendar seems like chaos waiting to happen.

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It's for admin assistants

by welshsteve76 In reply to Calendaring

We have admin staff based in the office, and financial advisers based out of the office sometimes. I'm trying to give the admin staff rights to be editors on the individual calendars of the financial advisers.

We have a shared calendar for the whole office, but it's not appropriate for this, as each individual financial adviser has their own calendar as part of their exchange mailbox, and these mailboxes are syncing with blackberries/iPhones.

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