Can I Crack My WPA Without Aircrack-ng?

By sanks4545 ·
Is it possible to crack my WPA without the use of a cracking program like aircrack-ng? Couldn't I capture packets, identify the IV packets and attempt to crack the hash myself? Is this too ambitious? I'd like to know how to do it this way, because although tools like Aircrack-ng can be helpful, whats the point if you don't know the theory behind it?

Is this possible?

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No, it's not that simple

by robo_dev In reply to Can I Crack My WPA Withou ...

The whole point of WPA is to avoid IV collisions. The IV is now 48bits instead of 24 with WEP, and the counter does not roll-over. Your time would be better spent watching the skies for flying pigs than finding IV collisions in a WPA-protected WLAN data capture.

Also note that some vendors (e.g. Cisco) do a better job avoiding IV collisions, so a conventional aircrack IV hunt simply won't work even with WEP on Cisco gear. I've watched five gigabytes of WLAN traffic go by and get ZERO IV collisions.

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Ahhh, I Had No Idea (Obviously)

by sanks4545 In reply to Can I Crack My WPA Withou ...

A network key can only be decrypted by find an IV collision? I've heard of those, but didn't know exactly how they work (until now). Well, that answers my initial question...

So how come someone can hack your computer even though your on a WPA connection? Does hacking a computer have nothing to do with wireless encryption?

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Try online WPA crackers

by monkeyiceland In reply to Can I Crack My WPA Withou ...

After capturing WPA handshake you can try in with online WPA crackers:,,
Amazing average success rate, up to 20% :)

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