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    Can I create an alias for a netserver?


    by abl ·

    I run a small marketing and advertising agency, and we occassionally host our clients’ websites through our reseller account. I am wondering if I can set up a subdomain, and point it to an actual DNS server.

    Has anyone done this or know if it can or can’t be done? What are the potential pitfalls?


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      Reply To: Can I create an alias for a netserver?

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to Can I create an alias for a netserver?

      So you want to run things like CUSTOMER1.YOURDOMAIN.COM and CUSTOMER2.YOURDOMAIN.COM ? And each subdomain will resolve to a different website, for each customer?
      Sure. Easy.
      Whoever runs your DNS NAmeserver (the servers listed in your domains WHOIS information, so this is usually your ISP), just have them make DNS A Records, one for each customer. So, your ISP would make an A record on their DNS server (that is your domains registered nameserver) for CUSTOMER1.YOURDOMAIN.COM resolving that to whatever public IP you assign to it, then make another DNS A Record for CUSTOMER2.YOURDOMAIN.COM pointing to another public IP address for that website.
      Now, if all of these websites will only run on a single web server, and you are NOT getting separate public IP addresses for each customer website, then the different DNS A records could all point to the same IP address that your current www website points to, and you would just start rolling out Host Headers for each website, yours AND the customers’ websites.

      hope this helps

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        Reply To: Can I create an alias for a netserver?

        by abl ·

        In reply to Reply To: Can I create an alias for a netserver?

        Perhaps, I wasn’t clear. I know that I can set up subdomains for my clients. However, I host some clients (,, etc.). I would like to have a nameserver like Short of setting up a true nameserver (which I don’t think I want to do), can I “forward” to a true nameserver (e.g., NS1.NETSOL.COM)?

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