Can I determine the product from just the key?

By tlf21stc ·
This may sound a bit strange, but I have a old Windows CD-key and want to know whether I can utilize it on a virtual machine or if I should just toss it.

I am reasonably sure that it's from an early Win XP, but I cannot be 100% positive, because I just tried to use it with an install of XP Pro (32-bit) 2002 and it was rejected.

I no longer have the original coa tag, just the key, hand-written on an index card.
Nor do I absolutely need it... I just hate throwing away anything I spent money on, if there's still some way to put it to use.

If I could determine precisely which version of Windows this keep belongs to, I can easily come up with a CD for it.

Here's hoping someone will be able to assist. = )

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No there is no way that you can

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I determine the produ ...

Though it may very well be a Product Key for XP there are different versions which have different keys.

Home/Pro and Media Center all have different Keys and then there are the Retail, OEM and Volume License Versions which have different Keys yet again.

You can then add the 32 & 64 Bit Versions which also have different Product Keys. Also different Service Pack Levels have different Product Keys so the Product Key for XP Home Volume License Original will be different to XP Home Volume License SP1 2 or 3. I just used the VL example here because that is what most people who have a preloaded computer from a Big System Maker actually have.

So for just XP there are quite a few different Product Keys available and unless you know what it is for toss it.


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Since you planned to use it in a virtual machine...

by dldorrance In reply to Can I determine the produ ...

Try to load the XP in the virtual machine. At some point you will be prompted to enter the key. If it is correct XP will load. If it is incorrect XP won't load. Little ventured; nothing lost.

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