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Can I disable Direct Sound in Windows ME?

By Atomic_Persimmon ·
I recently bought an old Aureal Vortex soundcard through e bay for the sole purpose of playing some old games such as Thief and System Shock 2 on my 2001 vintage WIndows ME Packard Bell. The Aureal Vortex uses the A3D2 technology. However I cannot be 100% certain that the games are actually using A3D2. They might be using the built in Direct Sound in spite of everything. Which isn't bad, but it negates the whole point of my getting the soundcard in the first place. In Thief for example I hear no echo effects.

So is there a way of essentially switching off Direct Sound temporarily so that I can be certain that my games are indeed using the Aureal Soundcards A3D2 technology? The A3D2 control panel has the option of "turn of Direct Sound" but to be honest I still can't be sure if it's really 100% reliable.
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