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Can I do it this way?

By Tink! ·
I am looking at replacing our current network with all new machines. It consists of 1 Server and 6 clients (5 logged in at a time)
In regards to the Server. It is currently an HP Netserver E50. All it does is control the network domain access (Microsoft BackOffice SBS Server v4.0), 2 print servers and backup the shared drive.
My question is do I have to use a machine that is specifically labeled "Server". Or can I use a desktop CPU with 512MB Ram, 80GB HD and a 2.4Ghz processor? (Current system has 160MB Ram, 8GB HD, and 333Mhz Processor)

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Server hardware

by Choppit In reply to Can I do it this way?

There's no technical reason why you can't use a desktop system as a server provided that it meets the OS requirements. Whether it's a good idea to do this (probably not) will depend on your circumstances.Servers are usually labelled as such because their design emphasis is on stability and performance.

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Of course you can

by toreador In reply to Can I do it this way?

I have used workstations for servers on many occasions. I built a lab for a company out of retired workstations that consisted of 12 web servers, 2 SQL boxes and an EDI box. They were not high speed beasts but they did the trick. I would suggest that you get a good high-end workstation if its job is going to be DC, DHCP, DNS, etc.

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by Tink! In reply to Of course you can

thanks for your replies. Turns out that it's actually cheaper to get the server with the SBS pre-installed, rather than get a workstation and install SBS. So I think we're going to go with a server.
Thanks so much for your input!!

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