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Can I Download Windows XP Professional CD from someplace?

By srknop ·
I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has lost the Windows XP CD that came with my computer. Is there anyplace that will let me download a copy of the disk. I have a Dell computer and Windows XP was pre-installed.

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Windows CP

by shhite In reply to Can I Download Windows XP ...

You cannot download a legitimate copy of Windows XP anywhere. To get a copy of your recovery disk you will need to contact Dell.

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CD Storage

by TheChas In reply to Can I Download Windows XP ...

As stated, there is no way to legitimately download a full copy of XP or any other version of Windows.

You can download limited life beta and evaluation copies. But not the full version.

Aside from buying a recovery CD from Dell, there are other sources.

The first is ebay. Just make sure the CD you buy is for a Dell computer or your key will not work.

I also have seen Dell XP CDs at surplus sites like pacific geeks. Again, these CDs are only good for use with Dell computers.

Now, once you get your replacement CD, where do you store it so you will not misplace it?

Get a few stick on CD pockets from an office supply store. Then, place one on the inside of your case and place the XP CD in it.

You might even want to store a driver or other program installation CDs there.


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That is one of the smartest ideas I've ever heard !!! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CD Storage

One of those seminal concepts that, when you consider their effectiveness, they are so obvious ~ yet you never think of them until you hear it from someone else.

Give that man a coconut!

Erm - I'm talking about the CD in the stick-on case inside the case.


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Great Idea!!

by srknop In reply to CD Storage

Oddly enough, I've done that with my systems at the office.... I taped a manila folder to the outside of each case. But do you think I'm smart enough to do that with the home pc?

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by andyzoo In reply to Great Idea!!


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Is the computer currently working?

by 1bn0 In reply to Can I Download Windows XP ...

If it is you may be able to create recovery media from a utility already installed on the machine.

IF not but the hard drive is still intact, you may be able to find the recovery ISO on the drive and create a disk from it.

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how do you do that

by thagchan In reply to Is the computer currently ...

please instruct me too.

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yes just follow me / instruction

by thagchan In reply to Can I Download Windows XP ...

but you need bittorrent downloader install and poweriso to burn and winrar to open files
hope you sould thanks to god bless you all

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Zombie Alert!!! & SPAM???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to yes just follow me / inst ...

The original post is more than 2 years old and You are SPAMMING.

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dell 4500 windows xp professional..

by catnip3 In reply to Can I Download Windows XP ...

you have to order the operating system disc from 1-800-456-3355 and ask for the dimension separtment..the disc costs 10.99 ..with tax , shipping and handeling .about $20.00

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