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    can i get a little help?


    by namani_1 ·

    I just bought a mother board with pci express.
    but im using the pci slot for my video card. everytime I turn on the cump. it boots to the windows screen, then the monitor goes into sleep mode! I tried everything I know to fix it! can someone please help me!!!!

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      by namani_1 ·

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      by badmak ·

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      Check the BOIS, the can be a setting for disabling the onboard VGA card and enable a PCI one.

      Also boot into windows using ur onboard VGA. Then do all of the driver installation first before rebooting.

      Basically XP does not understand you have a monitor. You see the Windows screen in boot because it using the safe mode VGA driver.

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      here ya go

      by kjpierson ·

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      Ok well it’s the cable that you are useing to connect the monitor to the PC, Use the standered cable I just had this problem with a friends PC

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