Can I get help fixing a 7b stop code?

By Xzar987 ·
I had a friend mess up my system by trying to restore it with recovery discs from a different pc running a different OS. Started getting 7b stop codes with 034's afterwards. found out the hd had some bad sectors so I replaced and still getting 7b/034's. Any way to fix this without having an OS on a fresh hd?

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Nice, lol.

by seanferd In reply to Can I get help fixing a 7 ...

Try installing the drivers you need for your system (actually, you can't, right?), but if the HAL isn't configured properly for your CPU, etc., you're pretty much boned without the proper installation media. The likely problem is that you don't have the correct controller drivers (among others) installed, so no boot device.

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Reponse To Answer

by Xzar987 In reply to Nice, lol.

would it be possible to use the hd in say..this pc, install xp with a driver update software and reinstall in the other/run prog/success?

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You can try.

by seanferd In reply to Can I get help fixing a 7 ...

But you will have to at least find the exact drivers for your drive controller and processor available on removable media to be inserted when you are offered to press F6 to install additional drivers.

However, you are probably looking at further trouble, at least with entering the installation key or validation.

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Resolution to 7b stop code error

by johnwright25 In reply to Can I get help fixing a 7 ...

Be sure the following components are in your configuration:

An IDE controller
The Primary IDE Channel component
The Secondary IDE Channel component
A disk drive component
Note Windows XP Embedded has three components that contain the name Disk Drive and three .inf files that identify their drivers with the name Disk Drive. To determine the generic disk drive component, you must inspect the properties of each component, and then select the one with the cmiPNPDevID property set to GenDisk.
If you created a configuration based on a Target Analyzer .pmq file, verify that the run-time image is installed on the same device. If it is installed on a different device, this error may occur due to missing drivers for critical devices.

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