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    Can i get info on Digitizing solid objects plz?


    by marionuke ·

    Hey I’m a student/Tech atm and I want to do some research on digitizing: plants, animals, people, ect., and what you can do with it. Is there anyone out there that can point me to some info on the subject or maybe even give me some? My email adress is my name xD. Plz feel free to email me any time. I’m realy very interested especaily in what they are doing now. I’ve seena company that digitizes objects(people, designs, blah blah) and then makes them larger out of polyurithane using computers entirely.. So I’m thinking there might be a way to use it other ways :/.. Well anyway any info i can get will be helpfull

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      do you

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Can i get info on Digitizing solid objects plz?

      mean scanning in a 3d object and getting a 3d model stored in the memory?
      or do you mean full, 100% replication as in star trek transporters / replicators?

      both are being done.
      for the first, the 3d imaging is very expensive camera equipment, or an mri unit like at the hospital.

      the output, full size is then done on a cnc machine.

      the polyurethane and plaster models being done from 3d mesh objects are generally much smaller.
      ( largest area being a standard 8.5 by 11 us letter sheet of paper and up to approximates 8 inches in height. )
      you can purchase an inkjet printer and the materials to print these smaller models, starting at $25,000.00 USD for one that will print the smaller dimensions I mention above.
      this being the company’s site:

      the star trek type thing is being worked on, they have successfully transported a single molecule across a room. it took effectively the entire output of an electrical generation plant to do so.
      nowhere near being a viable technology.

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        jaqui answered

        by dr dij ·

        In reply to do you

        the main part of your question. I might point out that there are some fun cheap things you can do to get 3-d images in, for viewing only.

        I have a rotation table that you place objects up to 20lbs on. (kaidan pixi). they make larger versions that can hold a motorcycle. moving arms allow full 3-d in either both axis or around one axis pix that can be merged using various sophisticated viewers or simple animated gifs or quicktimes showing the object from all sides.

        Also have the last of a smaller rig Kaidan made, discontinued, multi-axis rig for much smaller objects.

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