Can I have a little technical help in choosing a new pc?

By JADavis9 ·
I need to replace an XP Motion LE1600 Tablet.
I want speed & storage in a Win8 desktop
Q-1 Will it auto update to 8.1 or will I need to run it using Custom?
I'm might buy just a tower since that's all I need.
Q-2 I've been thinking of 8 MB ram, 1 TB hd, AMD A8-Series processor such as the one @ the top this page:$pcmcat212600050008&sc=Global&cp=1&sp=+currentprice skuidsaas&qp=systemmemoryram_facet=RAM~8GB^operatingsystem_facet=SAAS~Operating System~Windows 8&list=y&usc=All Categories&nrp=15&fs=saas&iht=n&seeAll=&browsedCategory=pcmcat212600050008
I'm not pushing this store for any reason
Q-3 I have Office 2003 on a CD that I'd probably install. I just use WORD & EXCEL a bit. I've been told 2003 will work OK on 8.1
Q-4 I use Outlook a lot & my PST file is 1.18 GB. It loads slowly and complains that it wasn't closed properly and is being checked @ startup sometimes. But I've got a lot of email and it checks my 5 addresses. It's also packed with Notes, Apptmt & Tasks. AND it ActiveSyncs to my old flip-style SmartPhone Motorola MPx220. That will probably be lost with a PC upgrade.
Anyway, I'd love some input on this & whether or not I've considered the important stuff for home use. (I'm unemployed and on disability).
Q-5 I know NOTHING about processors so I need input there. I don't do ANY gaming. I just want something that can work good now and grow with the software industry's demands over the next 5 to 8 years. I'm a casual PC user with Facebook, banking and Bing Searches being my main usage.
Q-6 I run a program called Syncback SE to sync My Docs between my tablet pc and my desktop pc (both are Win XP) thru my home network which is a router and a switch that let them both Share my cable internet, a color laser and a scanner/printer. I wonder if I'll be able to set that up with a Windows 8.1 and that other pc?
Q-7 I've seen various editions of Windows 8 and I'm leaning towards just a basic V. Am I correct on this and are there various versions of the OP systems?
Q-8 The last thing on my mind is transferring data & settings. Haven't I seen an APP in my XP that is named something like Settings & Docs Transfer? Will I run that on the new PC or on this old one? And how will they be connected?

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I'd delete this Q but I can't figure out how.

by JADavis9 In reply to Can I have a little techn ...

So . . . mark this one ANSWERED! I got a new ACER Aspire All-In-One on HSN for a special price when my wife offered it to me as a Christmas gift while we were watching. Problem is though, it only has 4GB of RAM!
GOTTA FIX THAT! And I can't see by looking how to get inside. I Googled that and I'm still confused. I found this about adding RAM or an SS
Maybe I'll just have a local French Fry's put it in for me¿
This thing can get somewhat slow with only 4GB RAM! My wife says "How could that be? It's all new!".
I want to MAX the RAM up to 16GB. :-)

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