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Can I have a piece of your brain?

By william ·
I was a nobody (the term i call myself) and just doing telemarketing on the webhosting products i used to offer before and calling all schools until i met a man who referred me to a rich guy in one of our commercial cities here and they talked about opening a corporation for me and offered me 50% of the income and im so excited so i told them the company, 3 months have passed nobody told me about the "real" deal but now when we tried to open a merchant account abroad, of course the biz registration and every papers of the corporation needed to be submitted so it was there that they learned that i was only given a director position and a 1% share.. after producing everything for them and selling it myself (they told me they'll support me in marketing but failed in that area too) i just left after 12 months knowing i won't receive everything from them... too bad for them they are now bankcrupt in money, but still gaining a lot of it because of their so-called businesses.. what's your opinion about it? i can still contact them if i wanted too. i remember one of their techie guys their who in my opinion would really pay me just to learn the stuff im doing.. he said to me in public while we're having a technical convention on one of our rented booths, "Can I have a piece of your brain?" and I said smilingly, "sorry it's not FOR SALE!! and I won't give for free."

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What's my opinion?

by DC_GUY In reply to Can I have a piece of you ...

You've gotten a valuable lesson about human nature and the business world. Fortunately, you survived without losing even more money than you did.

It's OK to trust people. We have to take that risk, because to live without trust is a shriveled, miserable life. But be judicious about whom you trust and learn to spot the telltale signs of a con or simply a person who isn't as great as they think they are. We all get conned occasionally, but each time we learn something and it's not as easy to get us the next time.

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Join the club

by Oz_Media In reply to Can I have a piece of you ...

I have partnered in on. 7 different ventures, just off the wall ideas that my friends, associates, silent partners etc. and I have conjured up.

I few did VERY well and I sold them for a great profit, for the most part, these things fail due to associates that drop the ball.

I USED to be a 'get-rich-quick' kinda guy. I had MANY rich associates and friends and many poor also, but always get approached for these things due to my sales and business management skills and experience. I used to jump in like a bright eyed babe and skin my knees everytime. I know get people throwig such ideas at me quite often but just smile and politely wish them luck, so far none have taken off that I missed (except Velcro, just kidding ).

YOu have done what many of us have done and will continue to do, you got desperate for change, opportunity looked you in the eye and then shot you in the foot, wlecome aboard. Don't feel bad and don't feel stupid, I believe it was THEM that went bankrupt after all.

Anyhow, everythong I do now even for people I know is under a written and signed contract, if they won't sign a contract then they just aren't serious.

Lesson #1, ALWAYS use someone else's money, never your own.

Lesson #2, choose your people wisely.

Lesson #3, keep getting back up and startng again, it WILL work one day, omst people give up on opportunity and settle for complacency, this doesn't sound like you at all, especially if you are a power closer.

P.S. Telemarketing is NOT a loser job, as many think it is. It takes a special breed of person to achieve succes and NO, not anyone can do it. MOST don't make any money and that's where the bad name comes from, I have seen people near $60,000/yr as telemarketers for the right company and with the right product.

I started out in Telecom as a facility manager at a call center in the 90's (during long distance deregulation, what a mess!). I would often jump on the phone just to prove to others that I wouldn't ask them to say or do anything I wouldn't myself. I closed most of BC's school districts and city halls to a 3-year Sprint contract. I was paid $65.00 per location plus monthly residuals. It ended up that each school district had approx, 60 schools (times $65 for one timely deal).

Sprint soon stepped in a protected ALL city halls and schools because I was making more than thier top outside sales reps. Sure I got blasted a lot by pissed off clients, but nothing more satisfying than turning a really pissed of secretary treasurer into a sale!

As for brains, you have have as much of mine as you want, hardly used but pretty screwed up ( I was one **** of a teenager). A good fixer-upper, cheap. :)

Just keep moving on, NEXT!

good luck

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thanks all

by william In reply to Join the club

i have so much to learn and Im still young.. thanks for all the advises.

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