can I have help connecting 2 pcs?

By JADavis9 ·
I know nothing about routers or firewalls except what they basically do. On my home system, I have 3 Windows XP pcs and 2 printers wire connected by 2 Linksys routers to share the internet access and the printers (one router also has wireless for my daughter's iPod access) . A friend "helper" helped me set this up several months ago and it worked fine. The second router was added so that we could add all this stuff to the "network". It worked fine.
But I have replaced one of the pcs and my "friend" is not available to help me set it up again. I would like to request some help on configuring the built-in firewall of one or both routers to allow me to access documents on one pc with this new pc.
Both of these computers are Windows XP. One is Tablet Edition and one is Media Center Edition. The tablet is mine and I have only my Jeff login with my standard password. On the Media Center machine, which is basically my kids pc, I use a login which has a different name (my name & my wife) and that same standard password. But my kids also have their own logins. Neither of my kids use passwords for their Windows login.

The My Documents that I want to access from the tablet is under my login on the kids pc.

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Well if you have replaced one system with another

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can I have help connectin ...

You shouldn't need to enter the Routers Setup.

All that should be required is to run the Network Setup Wizard on the new system and add a PassPhrase when Requested if there is that type of Security Involved.

In XP that involves Left Clicking on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Network Setup Wizard and following the prompts.


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It may also require

by NexS In reply to Well if you have replaced ...

Permissions to be setup on the network location (the folder on the required computer). In which case, follow the link below. It gives you a step-by-step instruction.

the following also seems like a good resource:

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cannot figure out where to go on one pc

by JADavis9 In reply to It may also require

I am trying to complete the steps on the 304040 article. On my tablet, I left click on My Computer and choose Tools > Folder Options and on the View tab it is already checked Use Simple File Sharing. But on the desktop pc, My Computer has an arrow next to it, so I turned it into a link and found that Use Simple File Sharing was un-checked, so I checked it.
But ... when I go on the tablet to my SyncBack SE program, which is what I am trying to make work, when I try to set up the sync of My Docs, when I try to find a place to select the My Docs on the desktop pc, it can't be found.
I find Desktop and see choices of My Documents, My Computer or My Network Places. In My Network Places, I find just Entire Network. In that is just Microsoft Windows Network and in that is just Workgroup, which can't be expanded since no + next to it.
Am I looking in the wrong place?

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by NexS In reply to cannot figure out where t ...

I'd first try and ping your kid's pc.
Then, if that was successful, I'd bring up a 'start>> run' and type '\\[kid's PC name]\' then hit enter and see if you can browse to the computer. You *should* see something like "shared documents", or the like.

If you can get that far, but the 'My Documents' you are after do not appear, you might need to go to the kid's pc and navigate to your 'my documents', right-click, and select security. Make sure 'everyone' has full control over it, so that you can get to it remotely.

If all that doesn't work, it might be worth having a look at your windows firewall.
Extract from :
<i>Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Click Security Center, and then click Windows Firewall.
Click the Exceptions tab, click to select the File and Printer Sharing check box, and then click Edit.
Click to select the TCP 445 check box, click Change scope, and then take one of the following actions:
Click My network (subnet) only.
Click Custom list, and then type the IP addresses that you want to manage this computer.
Click OK four times</i>

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Perhaps I'm reading this all wrong

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ok

But didn't the OP say that they replaced their Main Machine and just wanted the new one to do the same as the old one?

If that is the case the One the Kids are using is already setup and it just needs the new one to be added to the Existing Workgroup and then whatever shared should be shared.


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I thought

by NexS In reply to Perhaps I'm reading this ...

It was the Kid's computer that was replaced...

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OK I'm not sure any longer either

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I thought

Maybe the OP can post back with a better explanation so we stand a small chance of helping him.


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If you have only one internet connection...

by TobiF In reply to can I have help connectin ...

Then I'd suggest that you keep one router (the mightiest, or the one which would run dd-wrt or tomato wrt) as the main router/NAT/Firewall/DHCP etc and degrade the other router to a bridge.

It may take a little work, but that way, you'll remove an internal barrier you'd have in form of a private network inside another one. (especially if they would be happening to use the same internal address space, say 192.168.0.x...)

Why was I talking about dd-wrt?
There are a couple of things you may want your (main) router to do, that you not always get out-of-the-box when you buy a consumer router:
- Statically assigned ip-addresses.
(A "hard-wired connection from MAC to ip-address, would allow you to connect computers via ip-address or an entry in the the hosts/lmhosts lists, rather than relying on totally dynamic resolution, which sometimes doesn't work well between different OS's)
- Dyndns updater, so that you can "dial home" from the internet
- traffic policing (you may want to limit the traffic to your sons ip-address to half your total speed, so that his activities won't choke all other internet business...)

So, step by step:
What type of internet connection do you have?
What models of routers do you have?
What kind of computers do you want to join(xp, vista, mac...), and in what way (ftp can somtimes be easier than ordinary filesharing, but may not always be a good solution, and won't help with printer sharing, for instance)

Then we'll walk you through this.

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Check that the

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to can I have help connectin ...

Workgroup names are the same on all the computers you want to share. If they're not, it won't matter what else you do.

To see your computers Workgroup names right click on My Computer, choose Properties. Open the Computer Name Tab. Click on the Computer Name option.

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fixed the Sharing

by JADavis9 In reply to can I have help connectin ...

Well, someone told me something that worked. I am so glad!
I went onto the desktop pc and selected My Documents, Properties and both boxes were checked on the Sharing tab in the Network Sharing section. So he had me uncheck them, hit Apply, then recheck them and hit Apply.
Cool, this fixed it and now I can access the desktop pc My Documents from my tablet.

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