Can I have help putting links in Facebook Notes?

By JADavis9 ·
Facebook seems to want to split some of the link off for some reason when I post a link in a Note. So, until you click the link to View Full Note and then the Facebook system won't make it a clickable link either. Not Good! So, if you Copy the URL to paste it into your browser, you've got to make sure that you get the rest of the URL off the second line with it.
So, I've got 2 issues or questions:
1. How can I put a clickable link in a Facebook Note?
2. How can I keep it from splitting a URL which makes it too tricky to Copy/Paste?
Here is an example. Sorry if it seems like I'm a racist or a cuss maniac. I'm not .... I swear.
When I put this URL into a Note on my Facebook, it puts this in the Note:
And then it will stick it all together after I click a link in the lower left which says View Full Note, but it still isn't a clickable link. Grrrr!
Am I doing something wrong or is the Facebook system just messed up? I wanted to ask this on the Facebook site at Account > Help Center, but I can't figure out how to post a question there. It seems to just want to Search for the issue based on what you type in. How frustrating. But somehow I did just see a page at with 2 links at the bottom that say Report a Bug - Give Feedback. Maybe I should do one of those? I've tried that before and never heard anything back, so Facebook apparently doesn't give any personal service. Maybe they just want input and they work on it behind the scenes.
I've got another silly Facebook issue which I'll call #3 that I haven't been able to solve. Often, when I am entering text in a Comment box, the text that enters is a few characters longer than the box so some silly scroll bar appears at the bottom of the box. This doesn't always happen. This issue isn't as maddening or important as those first 2 but it does drive my a bit wacky!
By the way, I do all of my Facebooking on my Windows XP PC which is very up-to-date and I never do it on a Facebook App on a cell phone or iPod.

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Is this happening with all attempted links?

Or just the ones to YouTube? It's possible that you are caught in the
crossfire between Facebook and Google+, since they are blocking
each other, YouTube being owned by Google now.
Other than that, I'd try asking Facebook support.

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Reponse To Answer

by JADavis9 In reply to Is this happening with al ...

I made a new Facebook Note with just a link to the TechRepublic site in it. Very interesting ....
1. While Creating it - clickable after I put a space at the end of it
2. Preview - not clickable
3. Published - not clickable
4. My Notes page - not clickable
5. My Wall or Profile (is that the same place?) - IT IS CLICKABLE!

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well that was fun

by PurpleSkys In reply to Can I have help putting l ...

so...if you sit there and just look at the note, it isn't clickable...but...if you go back to your profile where it's published at, it is clickable...i just did it...worked fine.

edit to add: it also shows up as clickable on my news what was your question again?

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Try a different browser

by NickNielsen In reply to Can I have help putting l ...

I use Firefox almost exclusively and I've never had Facebook split a link. It doesn't matter if I post the link as part of my status or paste it into a comment. On those few times I've used Internet Exploder, I haven't had any problems either.

You might also check any add-ons or extensions you are using in your browser.

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I don't want to use another browser and I cut all un-needed add-ons and ext

by JADavis9 In reply to Can I have help putting l ...

I tried the Safari or Firefox browser (I forget which one) but I gave up and uninstalled it after becoming too confused in trying to remember where to do what and where a certain Favorite was.
Also, I have switched to Google Search and removed Bing and set Google to not be replaced. There are no other Search engines installed on any of my PCs.
And I recently cleaned out the mess of Add-Ons and Extensions after fighting some issues with help from folks at this site and over at Microsoft Answers.

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