Can I have personal help with my Win XP and/or hardware issues? PLEASE?

By JADavis9 ·
HELP (PRETTY PLEASE) SOMEBODY?!!! As I said here earlier today, this PC is seriously injured somehow. It just shut down on my randomly and then I spent 15 minutes waiting for it to Start back up after I asked it to Start. I'm somewhat technologically competent but I'm sure NOT smart enuf to know what to do now to help it. It must be some intermittent RAM chip failure or something like that. It ISN'T a malware, adware, spyware, virus thing as far as I know. I NEVER do random or abusive surfing or go You Tubing on the internet and I ALWAYS have current Virus definitions running in my Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus software.
Could someone who IS or feels Like they are somewhat competent working with Windows XP and/or hardware issues PLEASE lend me some help very soon? I have Like almost $0 to either replace this tablet PC or to pay someone somewhere to have it "repaired". I'm even aware that I should offer complete anonymity for anyone who can help me if that is desired, so that you aren't asked for help by others too often.
So could someone please Private Message me, email me, call me, or even stop by my house after warning me, and give me some HELP? If you want to Comment back to this Posting if you're not too worried about being identified and possibly asked for help my others, that'd be OK with me. But, I just NEED to do somethin' REAL SOON to get out of this Disaster or it's gonna drive me BONKERS. And I'm being honest on that. It's already got me sittin' on the Edge BIG TIME and I don't want to drop into the BIG HOLE.

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Request for Clarification

by tpstimsr In reply to Clarifications

Do you have a PC or tablet. Thinking PC. If it starts up or computer starts try pulling ram 1 stick at a time and restarting or if it starts and the shuts down could be Power Supply

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Request for Clarification

by tpstimsr In reply to Clarifications

Have you tried hitting the f8 or f10 key when it is starting to get it into recovery mode

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Sorry but I'm no where close

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I have personal help ...

However I can offer the following. Because it's not reposting any Infections on a Scan doesn't mean it's not infected just that the scanner can not pick it up. I would suggest updating everything and restarting in Safe Mode and performing the scans again. With the Minimum of Windows running you are more likely to pickup any infections and it's easier to clean them up.

It's even better not to have Windows running to check for infections so one of the Rescue Discs that Michael talks about here which can be copied to a Flash Drive and run from there as Tablets generally speaking don't have Optical Drives.

http://www.techrepublic .com/blog/security/title/3803

The next thing is the Ultimate Boot CD available free to download and use here

http://www.ultimatebootcd .com/download.html

This to can be copied to a Flash Drive and run from there to diagnose all of the Hardware in the device it's really quite good actually. OH and remember to remove the space from between the domain name and the .whatever in the above for working links.

However if this helps I did a M$ Survey today to tell M$ what they wanted to know and ever since IE fails, the System Restore was somehow turned off and none of the other browsers now is capable of leaving a response on TR. I think I may have a slight problem that has only been apparent since I was honest with M$. Perhaps that tells us something I should have lied to them and told them that their products where great and faultless. :^0


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Reponse To Answer

by greatnewproducts In reply to Sorry but I'm no where cl ...

@OH Smeg I think you assume that he knows what you are talking about. If you want him to follow all your instructions, first you have to explain a lot of things.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sorry but I'm no where cl ...

Well the link I supplied did have directions on how to use and that would be my starting point.


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First off..

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Can I have personal help ...

When you attempt to power it back on does ANYTHING happen? If so what? Please describe to the best of your ability what is happening.

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A few things to try...

by greatnewproducts In reply to Can I have personal help ...

First off, depends on how old your computer is. If it is older than 3 or 4 years, It is probably never going to get any faster. Microsoft sends UPDATES constantly without TESTING on old computers, they only make sure that it works on new(er) ones. Every update that you apply from them just makes it slower. If it is that old, you can physically clean it. With the power off, open it up and carefully vacuum the inside. if the fans are clogged with lint or dust, it will make it overheat and take F O R E V E R... to start. Take the memory chips out and put them back in. Sometimes if a chip is barely making contact, will cause the computer to totally fail or do what you are describing.
Let us know if you trying these changes anything.

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Being that it is a tablet....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Can I have personal help ...

I would think it would be the battery that is the cause here.
Usually if the battery is not made correctly (or is the cheap version) it can cause your tablet to shut off. When your tablet was working did you have it plugged in (attached to the wall socket) to keep it charged?

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OK, first we need to identify the type of system, and second, exactly what

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Can I have personal help ...

happens when you push the physical power start button. From that we can get an idea of what doesn't work right.

I recently had a problem with a client where it would randomly turn off, and often wouldn't start when he pushed the start button. I checked the system and found the issue to be a physical one with the start button. It's an older system and the catch holding the button in had worn, so it didn't always catch and would sometimes release when it had caught. It was a vendor system with a custom case and an odd style start button. I opened the system up and swapped the wiring between the START button and the RESET button on the motherboard at the FRONT PANEL CONNECTORS this allowed a push of the RESET button to start the system, and the software close down worked OK, but a hardware stop had to be effected by turning the power off at the wall socket.

Sometimes these power on issues can get real weird.

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Sorry for my delayed response. I STILL need to Read and Try what was said!

by JADavis9 In reply to Can I have personal help ...

I've had a few other unrelated issues that have kept me away from handling this mess of mine. I did want to make sure to mention to EVERYONE who has taken the time to ask for Clarifications or to offer any possible Answers that I DO REALLY APPRECIATE the help!
I'll work on this in the morning after I get some rest.
Good night ya'll and Thanks AGAIN!

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