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    Can I have some close help with my new PC as the Admin of it?


    by jadavis9 ·


    I’ve got a problem that I probably somehow caused myself. I’m new to using Windows 8 and now 8.1 on this new All-In-One pc. I’m the only user that it has or has ever had.
    Somehow I’ve been turned into just a User and I’m now not the Admin. THIS is a BIG problem!
    On top of this, and they way that I discovered this whole mess is that I can only run Microsoft Office programs, Windows built-in items and Internet Explorer.
    If I try to run anything else, a box pops up similar to this one I put here:
    Would SOMEONE please let me know Right away if you can’t see this PIC with this link?
    I’d prefer asking for help on this using Private Messages and not via Forum Postings since I am basically asking for help from anyone who might know how to break into my computer.
    I wanted to add that:
    1. I’ve found that Windows 8 is not set automatically in the BIOS to boot from a CD. And I can’t seem to alter that choice since I’m not an Admin.
    2. A freeware Program can be downloaded and burned onto a bootable CD that will give a person all of the User & Admin names & passwords. I think that I made myself this since I had made a bootable CD once a few years ago so I had a tiny bit of experience with this. But since my only Win 8.1 pc won’t boot from a bootable CD, I don’t think that I can even test it. Maybe I could just try booting my Win XP pc on it?

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      Clarifications 1391713639

      by jadavis9 ·

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      Clarification dummy post @ 1391713639

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      A little info to add and I’m still hoping for some help with my 8.1

      by jadavis9 ·

      In reply to Can I have some close help with my new PC as the Admin of it?

      At the same time as all of this is going on, I seem to have lost sound on all You Tube videos. I still hear the things on many other sites and I hear the official Windows noises such as log in/out musical stuff.
      Since I haven’t yet heard from anyone, I’m feeling the need to almost beg for some help. I want to do whatever can be done to avoid needing to go thru that ”clean install” deal. I’ve been thru that on my old XP tablet and that was a LOT OF WORK.
      So please, can someone help me? Mr Santee Welding maybe? Anyone else?
      As I stated before, this can and probably should be done by only using Private Messages since it involves trying to figure out a password situation. And that is also why I don’t feel as if this would be a very good thing to Ask about over at Microsoft Answers which I’ve used many times in the past.
      Oh, and TR site designers, it would sure be handy if this site allowed me to add a JPG ScreenPrint to a Question or to a Reply or Answer just by doing a simple Upload rather that my needing to Upload it to another site.

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      JA, try here

      by purpleskys ·

      In reply to Can I have some close help with my new PC as the Admin of it? ….see if this is of any help to you. Please let me know if it is/isn’t. On a note, Santee passed away a while back ago. And, most work is done in an open forum, not private message. Most of the time, when asked for help with passwords, I refer people to either Microsoft or to the computer manufacturer.

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      If I remember correctly what you are describing is correct

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Can I have some close help with my new PC as the Admin of it?

      Win 8 sets the User Account to User not Admin and when you need admin Privileges you are prompted to enter the Admin Password to get Admin Privileges. If there is no Password set you just hit enter with a Blank Space where you enter the Password.

      Win 7 most defiantly works that way and I can not see any reason why 8 wouldn’t do the same as after all 8 is just a developed 7.

      This picture you posted is just the UAC or what Microsoft calls User Account Control and pops up every time you run any software that requires any more privileges than Normal User Privileges. You just enter the Password you set and click on Yes to get to Admin Privileges. That is how all versions of Windows has worked since Vista was introduced.

      Sorry but as mum died last Tuesday I’m not around much at the moment so any Peer Mail is unlikely to be answered to quickly simply because I have to leave quite often at no notice and am away for long periods of time without any Silicon Devices. It was really much better when we where looking after her as she slept quite a lot and I could sit around and do things even if I wasn’t at work or home.

      As for the BIOS not sure what is going on there as when you enter the BIOS or CMOS Setup you don’t have Windows Running so that’s not an issue. Perhaps you need to look at the Systems Instruction Manual as it sounds as if you have the newer BIOS that was introduced to defeat Pirating of OS’s just can’t think of it’s name at the moment but I’m sure that someone will jump in with it shortly.


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      IT support Services

      by macwong ·

      In reply to Can I have some close help with my new PC as the Admin of it?

      I am sure, What to do if you forget your Windows password, will help you, try it and if still facing any problems contact to IT support companies

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